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article imageTopFinds: Global marijuana rallies, Ronaldo's gift to fan

By David Silverberg     May 13, 2011 in Internet
Toronto was one of many cities holding marches for marijuana supporters. "Super" bedbugs discovered in Vancouver. What gift did soccer player Ronaldo offer a fan? These are the top stories from across the world.
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Our Digital Journalists have covered pro-marijuana rallies, the bedbugs plight in western Canada, a soccer player's act of kindness, and many other stories.
How these stories and images are selected: We keep track of the what readers like and what articles, images and blogs people are reading and looking at most.

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We are continuing with our crowdsourcing idea: an opportunity for our community members to suggest content that stood out. In a blog post, we asked people to suggest noteworthy articles, images and blogs. We received some great suggestions, and below are some memorable posts by our contributors:
Presbyterian minister on church OK for gay, lesbian clergy (Includes interview) by Carol Forsloff
Kathy Muder sees her role as minister of a Presbyterian church to represent the message of Christ, which to her means love. leaving judgment about private matters to God, in response to her denomination's vote to allow gay and lesbian ordination.
The Dalai Lama, Sister Helen Prejean and Vincent Harding at UA (Includes interview) by Kay Mathews
As the moderator of the panel discussion “Turning Swords into Ploughshares: The Many Paths of Nonviolence” put it, we have a monk, a nun, and a college professor with us today and we are bearing witness to a historic conversation.
Thousands 'high' on Toronto streets during Global Marijuana March by Andrew Moran
In possibly one of the largest marches in Toronto history, thousands of proponents of legalizing marijuana took to the streets of the city of Toronto for the sixth annual Freedom Festival and annual Global Marijuana March.
Don’t panic, but bedbugs with superbugs discovered in Vancouver by Paul Wallis
In a discovery which will do nothing for anyone’s peace of mind, bedbugs with Golden Staph and other ultra-resistant diseases have been found in Vancouver. There’s no evidence yet that the bedbugs are able to spread these diseases.
With Friends Like Pakistan by Manzer Munir
Many people in Pakistan these days are wondering why their nation often finds itself on the wrong side of recent history.
Springtime in Colony Farm, Port Coquitlam, BC by Joseph Boltrukiewicz
With its cold and very rainy weather on the Pacific north-west coast...
New buds of horsetail springing up and old ones  dried and leaning over the old fence  Colony Farm i...
New buds of horsetail springing up and old ones, dried and leaning over the old fence, Colony Farm in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada.
Al-Qaida just killed the conspiracy theorists by Michael Cosgrove
Forget Bin Laden and Obama, they're old news. The new news is that al-Qaida admits that Bin Laden is dead and vows...
Vincent Harding  Sister Helen Prejean  and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  University of Arkansas  Fay...
Vincent Harding, Sister Helen Prejean, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. May 11, 2011
Japanese cherry blossoms at Toronto s High Park
Japanese cherry blossoms at Toronto's High Park
Oriental Theatre.  Chicago  IL
Oriental Theatre. Chicago, IL

Top Digital Journal Reports

Op-Ed: Poker players fighting back against the FBI (Includes interview) by Alexander Baron
An article concerning the banning of on-line poker in the United States, and the seizure of domain names and bank accounts by the US authorities.
Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom at High park (Includes first-hand account) by Bart B. Van Bockstaele
The Japanese cherry trees of Toronto's High Park are currently in full bloom, a display you will not want to miss and should take advantage of while it's at its most beautiful.
Woman wakes from surgery with strange foreign accent (Includes interview) by Jennifer Droese
After undergoing a surgical procedure a mere 18-months ago, Karen Butler, a 56-year-old mother of five from Oregon awoke from the anesthesia and was faced with a rather foreign challenge - a strange new accent.
This is Me: A celebration through visual arts (Includes first-hand account) by Lynn Curwin
Twenty-seven Nova Scotia artists shared works expressing something about who they are when the "This is Me" art show opened.

Top Images

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu
Feeding humpbacks  by Jennifer Marlow.
Feeding humpbacks, by Jennifer Marlow.

In the Media

NASA's probe confirms Einstein's gravity warp by Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
A 52-year-old project by NASA and Stanford University has concluded with the confirmation of two key gravity predictions made by Albert Einstein, opening a deeper understanding of the universe and a toolkit of technological applications.
‘The Great Flood 1927' threatens Memphis and the Delta by Carol Forsloff
Rising floodwaters surround Memphis, one of the great citadels of the Old South, in the crosshairs of disasters, including an earthquake as the South reels from major tornadoes this year. But it’s the 1927 flood memories that make folks anxious now.
Flooding in Memphis at Riverside Drive @ Beale Street
Flooding in Memphis at Riverside Drive @ Beale Street
Chris Weiland
Op-Ed: Super Dog part of operation against Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by Ernest Dempsey
Hunting down Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan isn't solely the work of men. There was another figure who participated in the mission: A four-legged hero.
New episode of game KumaWar allows people to kill Bin Laden by KJ Mullins
In the game known as KumaWar gamers can kill Osama Bin Laden just like the Navy Seals did earlier this month. The game is part of Kuma's War on Terror games.
British Columbia offers 'free' gum, patch to help quit smoking by Andrew Moran
British Columbia Premier Christy Clark will initiate a $25 million program in September that would help residents of the province quit smoking. BC will offer free nicotine, patch, gum and drugs to help quit smoking.
Roman seismologist prediction of major earthquake in Italy fails by Andrew Moran
Raffaele Bendandi, a self-taught seismologist who died in 1976, predicted a devastating earthquake to hit Rome on May 11, 2011. Although nothing disastrous occurred, 22 minor temblors hit the quake-prone nation of Italy.
Chinese iPad factory workers forced to sign no-suicide pacts by Kesavan Unnikrishnan
Workers at Foxconn facilities in China, which make iPads and iPhones among other technology, were forced to sign written promises that they would not commit suicide, reveals a study.
Horse jumps into crowd during race, injures fans by Lynn Curwin
Several people were injured after a riderless horse jumped a fence into a crowd during a steeplechase race in Australia.
Prince William and Kate left for honeymoon in Seychelles by Leo Reyes
Newly-wed Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly left for their official honeymoon more than a week after their marriage in London last April 29.
Sarah Jane Adventures: series 5 of Doctor Who spin-off will air by Mathew Wace Peck
The BBC have confirmed that series 5 of the Doctor Who spin-off series, Elisabeth Sladen's The Sarah Jane Adventures, will be broadcast at a future date.
2011 Eurovision Song Contest.
2011 Eurovision Song Contest.
Alain Douit / EBU
Second Eurovision Song Contest semi-final to complete 2011 lineup by Mathew Wace Peck
Germany plays host to tonight's second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, completing the final line up for Saturday's final.
Fan given Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt after suspected broken nose by Christopher Bates
It appeared just another day on the job for Cristiano Ronaldo this past Tuesday, when he bagged a hat-trick in Real Madrid's 4-0 thumping of Getafe.

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