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article imageOp-Ed: Animal PC gone completely wild

By Joie Maccarone     May 11, 2011 in Crime
I want to take a jab at (JAE) Journal of Animal Ethics. I’ll refrain from referring to the critters as "brutes" and say they’ve gone completely “wild" for introducing Politically Correctness to send the right message to all animals.
Instead of calling them weasels, I’ll use their own words and I’ll call them and their idea “free-roaming,” and “free-ranging” because I certainly don’t want to send them “the wrong message."
What’s this all about, you ask?
Here’s a hint: JAE believes that by calling animals what they are, we are using derogatory terms and our sending out the “wrong message” JAE states: Our existing language about animals is the language of past thought – and the crucial point is that the past is littered with derogatory terminology: “brutes”, “beasts”, “bestial”, “critters”, “sub-humans”, and the like” JAE justifies it’s position by declaring, “ We shall not be able to think clearly unless we discipline ourselves to use less than partial adjectives in our exploration of animals and our moral relations with them.”
Our beloved pets should now be referred to as “animal companions.” Wild animals, should now be called “free-living”, “free-ranging” or “free-roaming.” If you’re scratching your head and asking why, JAE explains: For most, “wildness” is synonymous with uncivilized, unrestrained, barbarous existence. There is an obvious prejudgment here that should be avoided.” In other words, we should ignore the fact that should we run into a grizzly bear and get clawed, mulled and left for dead, that is just their way of being civilized. I suppose a few lions munching away at their prey is not barbaric but actually a civilized dinner, complete with knives, forks and wine glasses to sip the blood, and of course they’ll be holding their glasses with their little pinkie finger slightly raised.
I’ll continue to restrain myself from insulting JAE by referring to them as vermin or critters, which are words they believe, should be dropped from the English language. Instead, I’ll just ask that they get their free-ranging minds back to the civilized world and hope they get the message.
Imagine the effect it would have on our music. Wild Thing, would be sung as Wild- Ranging Thing, The Beastie Boys would be slaughtered to Free-ranging Boys, and Eric Burdon and the Animals would be minced with Animal Companions, not-to-mention the Stones’ Beast of Burden switching to Free-roaming Burden.
Do you get the message JAE?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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