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article imageOp-Ed: Optimize your QR Code differently with Daqri

By Dan Verhaeghe     May 11, 2011 in Technology
Daqri is the fastest, easiest way to create augmented reality, and it's a brand new way to fuse digital media and physical reality as a disruptive emerging technology that combines other mobile marketing elements like the ever popular QR Code.
A few months ago we talked about how to optimize your QR Code using a mobile-friendly smartsite.
A QR Code is a new-generation barcode that allows cellphone users to download an app in order to scan the code with their phone's camera, often getting more information on the Code's product.
I spoke with Andy Lowery, the Chief Operating Officer of Daqri.
Daqri, a QR Code publishing platform is offering a different kind of mobile-optimized page that is similar to the “copy clipboard” that we select items off on Windows Operating Systems.
All the links are "picture-based" as you can see above and mobile users will scan the QR Code and be directed to the "clipboard" landing page.
A user will simply just click on an icon to be directed to the content.
The clipboard can also be geofenced and chronofenced, meaning that you can target certain locations in the world, and also how long you want the "clipboard" to stay up and running.
On a mobile device, a colourful branded background can show up around the clipboard.
The Daqri platform allows for more content to show up without having to scroll down like on a mobile smartsite and presents your content in a more interactive way.
Augmented Reality For All
Daqri also allows through the download of their app on the iPhone and soon on Android to access augmented reality via QR Codes!
Matthew Lynley of VentureBeat says that Daqri wants to be the YouTube of Augmented Reality.
In the Augmented Reality tab within the platform, there are x, y, z coordinates and a rotation function. These allow the user to position the models and animations in relation to the QR Code.
While there are basic built-in options for augmented reality, there will also be advanced functionality through LUA or Python script so that the content can be interactive.
Daqri also says that they have a powerful analytics system coming in the near future as they are in private beta, so stay tuned!
They also say they are working with several companies currently on a number of different projects.
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