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article imageOp-Ed: Facebook — 'If 100,000 people join, my dad won't put my dog down'

By Matt Harding     May 9, 2011 in Internet
Perusing Facebook is nearly a hobby of mine and as I scanned my news feed I came across what may be some of the most appalling pages I've ever seen.
There are tons of pages on Facebook; you can even "like" them! These, however, aren't likable at all. They're outrageous and simply awful, even grotesque.
These pages are very similar and evoke, in me, a single thought: "Why would you put this on Facebook?" (See pages here, here, and here). The titles say it all and, I'm assuming, evoke a similar thought. They read, "If 250,000 people join, my dad won't put my dog down. Please join." and "If 500,000 People Join My Dog Will Not Be Put Down."
First off, how horrendous is that? It absolutely baffles me; leaving a life in the hands of a Facebook page? Yet, as I took more than a glance at these pages, I noticed one common theme: the people who create the pages haven't posted any updates in over a year. This leads me to believe that the pages are fake.
Now, tallying up the number of individuals who've liked the group, there are 364,648 people (and counting) invested in the lives of these dogs, real or not.
What type of a person does it take to do something like this? If the pages are real or fake, the result is the same...someone needs to go see a psychiatrist.
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