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article imageKilling Bin Laden 'longest 40 minutes' for Obama

By Joseph Zulu     May 9, 2011 in Politics
Washington - The SEALs only took 40 minutes to raid Osama Bin Laden’s compound and eventually killed him but Barack Obama says it was the longest 40 minutes of his life.
Obama revealed this during an interview on CBS’s 60 minutes Sunday and the US president added his biggest concern was the commandos, the Voice of America revealed.
He also said he did not lose sleep that Bin Laden could be killed and that anyone who questions whether the terrorist leader did not deserve his fate “needs their head examined”.
Bin Laden was shot dead in Pakistan inside his compound raising questions as to whether the country’s government was aware of his presence there.
Obama in his interview did not accuse Pakistani officials of harboring the country’s most sort-after terrorist but said he had some sort of support network inside Pakistan.
After raiding Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound, the US forces seized what National Security advisor, Tom Donilon describes as the largest cache of terrorist intelligence.
Donilon describes it as the “treasure dove” of data.
According to the Washing Post, public opinion polls have shown a boost in Obama’s support in the days since the raid.
Obama monitored the commando raid in the white house situation room a week ago.
The Washington Post further reports that some members of congress have called for cessation of US aid to Pakistan until it is clear what role the government played for Bin Laden to avoid detection.
Obama admitted it was risky for the SEALs to carry out the helicopter raid but said: “But ultimately, I had so much confidence in the capacity of our guys to carry out the mission that I felt that the risks were outweighed by the potential benefit of finally getting our man,” he said.
Reporting on Obama’s CBS’s 60 minute interview, the Bloomberg quoted Obama as having said his participation in planning the raid was about as active as any other project he has been involved in since he’s been the President.
He noted the risk of landing Helicopters and operating a military operation in a sovereign territory of another country.
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