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article imageOp-Ed: Going beyond Hallmark to show mom you care this Mother's Day

By Samantha A. Torrence     May 7, 2011 in Lifestyle
In our busy world it may be easy to just shoot off an email or mail a card for Mother's Day, but doesn't your Mother deserve a little more than an automated response?
Every year I hear the same thing "Sam, it would be nice if you would just get me a card." This complaint from my mother applies to all Holidays, but on this Mother's Day I decided to give in and go buy a card. $20 dollars later I had a card for my mother and mother-in-law from me and the children. I could have put that towards a nice gift, but C'est la vie! I live with a generation of people who still hold the propriety and circumstance that comes from giving a card.
I am still a bit skeptical over my purchase. I know there is a tendency for cards to end up in a shoe box and then thrown away when it is time to purge the house. I would much rather do something special for my mother and the mother's around me. For instance, for my mother-in-law who is difficult to buy for, I am going to get a gift card to a grocery store. She likes gift cards for mundane things like that for those months that she has to stretch her budget. She appreciates practicality. For my mother I will be making coupons. Sounds like something you would do in middle school, but what will be on the coupons is priceless.
As a mother myself I must admit that while a card makes me smile, little thoughtful things mean so much more. Children seem to have the knack for being thoughtful. Their worlds are not colored with money, stress, and other obligations. I happen to know my kids have been giving thought to what they will give me for a good month now.
This mother's day make your mother feel really special and look for those little things she would enjoy more than a pretty poem on a card. Does she need stuff done around the house that she cannot get to? Would she enjoy a day with the family? Maybe she is a little stressed out and needs some pampering. Whether you are purchasing something, or giving of your own time, going past just a card, phone call, or and email will bring a smile to the face of the person you still call "Mommy."
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