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article imageOp-Ed: Jennifer Nicole Lee offers new fitness plan for busy moms

By Samantha A. Torrence     May 6, 2011 in Lifestyle
As a busy mom of 5 children I have found it hard to lose weight and keep in shape. Jennifer Nicole Lee has become famous as a housewife who conquered that trial and is now an international weight loss celebrity.
Here I am sitting at my computer writing - again. My entire day is filled with writing, webdesign, and in between taking care of my children. It feels like I do not have time to breathe or even eat let alone make use of that rather expensive gym plan of mine. You would think at 175 lbs I would be more motivated to even just flip on the TV and do a routine on the fitness channel. For me, and many others, eating right and exercising isn't always easy to accomplish.
My personal mountains in between me and my fitness goals are my children. My children do not like foods other than Mac N Cheese, hot dogs, toasted cheese sandwiches, and Ramen noodles. I simply just do not have the time to cook a few meals one for each person's tastes. I could just buckle down and tell them that they either eat the chicken caesar salad or starve, but that would take weeks of argument and cranky kids. I also cannot exercise while in the home or my kids will hang on my legs. I am not kidding, they literally grab my legs and hang on. Getting to the gym is also a trial since I am too stingy to pay for daycare on top of the monthly fee, and I cannot always find someone to watch my heathens. But in the end these are all just excuses from an overwhelmed mother.
Busy moms are always making excuses for why they cannot lose weight, but now that excuse might be taken away. Jennifer Nicole Lee has released a new fitness plan on The plan is titled " The Busy Mom Fitness Plan." Jennifer has made herself famous by practicing exactly what she is preaching. She was once an over weight and busy mother who decided to drop the weight and become healthy. She formulated her own plan and now has a body every mother would die for.
The Busy Mom Fitness Plan is free to access for everyone logging onto There are four videos that walk you through the steps you need to take to become healthy. This is not just your average diet and exercise routine, it is a lifestyle plan. To lose weight and keep it off you have to change your lifestyle, there is no easy way to maintain your progress without it.
So now I am faced with a choice. I have in front of me a real wife and mother who has changed her life and her health. This is not some supermodel or playboy playmate telling me that I can look just like her if I just go to the gym and run a mile a day. With a possibly real solution there for the taking am I brave enough to make that choice? I think I am.
Starting tomorrow I will be going on the Jennifer Nicole Lee "Busy Mom Fitness Plan" and I'll tell you how it goes in a weekly blog here on Digital Journal.
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