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article imageTopFinds: Obama's raid on Bin Laden, Canada's Conservative gov't

By David Silverberg     May 6, 2011 in Internet
Obama watches the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound. Canada elects a Conservative majority government. How is poverty driving Indian women to prostitution? These are the top stories from across the world.
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Our Digital Journalists have covered President Obama's orders to kill Osama Bin Laden, the momentous Canadian election, Indian prostitution, and many other stories.
How these stories and images are selected: We keep track of the what readers like and what articles, images and blogs people are reading and looking at most.

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We are continuing with our crowdsourcing idea: an opportunity for our community members to suggest content that stood out. In a blog post, we asked people to suggest noteworthy articles, images and blogs. We received some great suggestions, and below are some memorable posts by our contributors:
Media, Internet helpful in teaching English in Malaysia (Includes interview) by Ernest Dempsey
Malaysia has adopted a balanced proportion of Malay versus English in schools, encouraging the use of media and Internet in teaching English. An English teacher from Malaysia tells about the status of English teaching in Malaysian schools.
Oasis wildfire in Texas hill country under control
by Lynn Herrmann
The Oasis wildfire in the Texas hill country, scorching more than 10,000 acres, has finally reached 90 percent containment, leaving in its wake exhausted firefighters, parched earth, a few remaining hot spots, and a revived can-do community spirit.
Eloy Martinez  member of the Durango Fire and Rescue firefighting crew  battling a hotspot.
Eloy Martinez, member of the Durango Fire and Rescue firefighting crew, battling a hotspot.
We've killed Gaddafi's son and grandchildren, so now what? by Michael Cosgrove
I am in favour of the NFZ and the destruction of Gaddafi's forces and communications capacity, which means the...
Truman Capote's short stories are gems by Jonathan Farrell
It is very seldom when a book is a real page-turner and an outstanding story-teller is discovered.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (R) handing Liberal Member of Parliament a pair of speakers.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (R) handing Liberal Member of Parliament a pair of speakers.

Top Digital Journal Reports

5 Questions with Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Includes interview) by Richard Mccallum
Today Stephen Harper tells Richard Mccallum why he deserves a majority government when he answers 5 Questions about himself and his place in Canada's history books in his very first interview with Digital Journal.
Op-Ed: Obama's humor at correspondents dinner tapped Reagan-like charm (Includes first-hand account) by Michael Krebs
At the White House Correspondents Dinner this past Saturday night, President Obama was in rare form, tapping into a charm and a humor that would appeal to any voter: his 2012 strategists should seek the permanent return of this man.
55,000 at UFC 129 in Toronto as GSP wins match (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Daniel Boyington
A huge crowd at Toronto's Rogers Centre was not disappointed at the first ever UFC match in Ontario. The main bout between Georges St. Pierre (GSP) and Jake Shields, however, was a bit of a letdown. Shields was on the defense the whole match.

Top Images

New bike rentals available downtown Toronto.
New bike rentals available downtown Toronto.
Téa during the concert at The Cellar  Vancouver.
Téa during the concert at The Cellar, Vancouver.

In the Media

Obama watched Bin Laden raid live by Lewis McCathie
On Sunday afternoon President Obama sat beside Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and his counter-terrorism chiefs as they watched the assassination of Osama Bin Laden through a live TV feed.
Bin Laden buried at sea by KJ Mullins
There will be no grave for the followers of Osama bin Laden to visit. Official reports say that the man called the face of global terrorism by CNN has been buried at sea.
Gates tells WIRED crowd ‘cute’ is not the answer to energy crisis by Lynn Herrmann
In a keynote speech at the WIRED Business Conference, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said more money needs to be spent on research and development in the field of energy innovation rather than old technologies, making it affordable for developing nations.
The Microsoft Exectutive Team
Steve Ballmer (left), Bill Gates (center) and Paul Allen
Photo courtesy Microsoft
Canada's 2011 Census arrives in the mail; will you fill it out? by Andrew Moran
The Canadian 2011 Census has been mailed out to millions across the country. On the front of the census, it states: "2011 Census Complete the census – it's the law." But will Canadians fill it out or just shred it?
Op-Ed: Canada elects Harper, trashes Libs and Bloc — A foreign view by Paul Wallis
Canada is a mystery to other countries in many ways. Having grasped the fact that Canadians don’t like being considered Americans, (after all, Americans these days are just under-achieving Canadians) they seem to be following the US down Amnesia Lane.
Defense gets setback on Casey Anthony murder trial evidence by Carol Forsloff
Recent decisions by the judge in the case are said to have the defense team for Casey Anthony, accused of killing her daughter Caylee, up against the wall as the judge has allowed critical information and items to be admitted into trial.
Better livelihood prospect drives poor Indian women to prostitution by Subir Ghosh
Four out of five female sex workers in India have joined the profession voluntarily; they were not forced or sold into it. Prostitution is just one among several livelihood options available to women from poor backgrounds, says a new survey.
Math genius who refused $1 million says he can control universe by Sara Star
Imagine being able to control the universe? That is what Russian mathematician, Dr. Grigori Perelman, said he's capable of doing after breaking his silence in a recent media interview.
Dr Who: Christopher Eccleston won't return for 50th anniversary by Mathew Wace Peck
Christopher Eccleston has confirmed that he won't be making a return to Doctor Who, even for the show's 50th anniversary in 2013.
Google search surge auto-suggests 'James Middleton gay' by Mathew Wace Peck
The Google search engine is auto-suggesting “James Middleton gay” following a surge in searches on the brother of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
Royal wedding could cost as much as $70 million – and counting by Andrew John
It’s emerged that Britain’s royal wedding will cost about $70 million. And the cost to companies, because the day has been declared a public holiday, is put at $6 billion.
William leading Kate to the Royal carriage
William leading Kate to the Royal carriage
Defence Images
Charice could play role of Kim in movie version of Miss Saigon by Leo Reyes
International singing sensation and Glee star Charice could be playing the role of Kim in a planned movie version of Broadway musical hit "Miss Saigon" which had Filipino Lea Salonga, who is now a UN goodwill ambassador, in the lead role.
Singer overcomes disabilities to become American Idol sensation by Carol Forsloff
A new singing sensation, James Durbin, is helping bring awareness of two disabilities that can bring great hardship to individuals and families, as this young man who was embraced on American Idol with thunderous applause, may end up winning the gold.

Top Blogs

Canadian political landscape changes by Kyle Ashmead
So Canada once again has a conservative government....
(From a big fan of the royal wedding) by Michael Cosgrove
I am not a paid-up royalist. Nor am I a big fan of marriage. Not only that, but I haven't even set foot inside a church...
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