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article imageOp-Ed: To Donald Trump: Don't quit your day job

By Carol Forsloff     May 3, 2011 in Politics
Donald Trump has said he will wait until the end of this season's The Apprentice to announce whether he will run for the Presidency, but with all his latest gaffes, he ought to keep his day job.
Trump pursued Barack Obama's birth certificate issue until he exhausted it, with the President putting out the long form proof of his birth. Hawaii officials statements and two Governors' affirmations of the validity of the certificate was not enough for the buffoon of bombast. His protestations that he, Trump had inspired the move for the President to produce that certificate had people laughing out loud, rather than just in the corners where they had snickered before. The laughter over Trump's behaviors, spilled over onto the weekend skewer where his roasting was really done well, so had he changed color he could fit right in with the brothers all right; and we'd all see how many buddies among them he has.
Add to all of that mess that was Trump just continued, with an awesome speech in Las Vegas, awesome in that the number of epithets and swear words were enough to make a hardened truck driver blush and his mockery of the stuttering of Seth Meyers of Fox and Friends; and it is likely it won't just be the political polls that sink to the sewers.
Trump has also more than intimated his great capacity for power and influence in the world, maintaining President Obama could certainly not be strong in the face of aggression as he, Trump, would be in facing down those Middle Eastern tyrants. But Trump had no sooner made front pages with his avalanche of nonsense, than Obama, following the birth certificate revelation, announced the killing of Osama bin Laden by US military forces under the President's specific direction. As the evidence unfolds, more and more folks have seen the courage and focus of the Commander-in-Chief. They know that bombast alone could never have brought the evil terrorist to his death. If politics is the sport as folks describe, the scorecard shows Trump losing before he seriously gets hold of the bat.
Even before Obama trumped Trump with the announcement of the killing of mastermind of 9/11, media representatives reflected concerns about a Trump Presidential candidacy as a serious blow to Republicans' potential for winning the office in 2012 or making gains in the Congress..
The Apprentice, the ego-cloak of its founder Trump, with its contestants yelling at each other in anger as they fight to be tops on the show, combined with Trump's swearing all caught on tape may seem fun for some folk,; but with the need for civil discourse to solve political divisions and social and economic problems, Trump has hardly set a model path, either in his creations or his words and deeds. He is reported to have lost the liberals who used to watch his show and 2 million viewers since last year. Still Trump has those business holdings and real estate deals as his day job, after all. The other ventures haven't been his mainstay as he claims his businesses alone have made him rich.
So I suggest Trump keep that day job of wheeling and dealing and bluffing about in real estate and business ventures, as the public wanders off, leaving the fellow's proverbial 15 minutes of fame to disappear in the din of the ridiculous where it belongs.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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