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article imageOsama bin Laden 'was not armed' during raid

By Carolyn E. Price     May 3, 2011 in Politics
Watching a White House press briefing on Tuesday, WH Spokesman Jay Carney read from a prepared narrative and told the world that when he was shot and killed, Osama bin Laden was providing resistance but was "not armed."
Carney told the gathered press that those assaulting the house where bin Laden had hidden himself, after experiencing a "highly volatile firefight" on the first floor of the house, US personnel entered a room on the second floor, and when they experienced "resistance" from those in that room, they shot and killed an unarmed Osama bin Laden, as reported on the CBC News.
It was reported that one of bin Laden's wives rushed at the forces as they entered the room and she was shot in the leg, but not killed. It was also reported that bin Laden also resisted and Carney then said those four little words, "he was not armed."
When asked about the resistance that bin Laden gave, Carney said: "First of all, I think resistance does not require a firearm." Carney went on to explain that there had been significant resistance and that the ground forces were engaged in a firefight throughout the operation.
Carney was also repeatedly asked about the potential release of the photographs of a dead bin Laden and he said that there were "sensitivities" to consider and that it was "fair to say" that the photos were "gruesome."
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