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article imageCanadian Tories win majority, New Democrats become opposition

By Andrew Moran     May 2, 2011 in Politics
Toronto - Canadian voters have had their say in what has been called one of the most interesting and unique federal election campaigns in recent memory. The New Democrat Party has become the official opposition for the first time since its formation.
It has already been one interesting Election Day in Canada. There were reports that ballots went missing, which prompted the polling stations to delay voting. On Monday evening, CBC News decided to break the election ban on reporting the results too early, but the broadcast feed failed, reports Global News.
Elections Canada notes that more than two million people cast their vote last Friday, Saturday and Monday at advanced polls, which is a 34.5 percent increase from those who took part in the democratic process in 2008, reports CTV News.
The polls have closed in all provinces and territories.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (L) and NDP leader Jack Layton.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (L) and NDP leader Jack Layton.
Overall results so far:
Conservative Party of Canada – Prime Minister Stephen Harper: 39.68 percent (152 seats)
Liberal Party of Canada – Michael Ignatieff: 18.77 percent (28 seats)
New Democratic Party of Canada – Jack Layton: 30.87 percent (95 seats)
Green Party of Canada – Elizabeth May: 3.72 percent (1 seat)
Bloc Quebecois – Gilles Duceppe: 6.12 percent (1 seat)
Please check back for full Toronto riding results
Greater Toronto Area Ridings
Theresa Rodrigues (Conservative): 15.89 percent
Wayne Scott (Green): 3.12 percent
Mario Silva (Liberal): 28.37 percent (leading)
Andrew Cash (New Democrat): 51.5 percent (elected)
Simon Luisi (Animal Alliance Environment): 0.41 percent
Miguel Figueroa (Communist): 0.36 percent
Don Valley East
Joe Daniel (Conservative): 36.89 percent (elected)
Akil Sadikali (Green): 3.1 percent
Yasmin Ratansi (Liberal): 34.35 percent
Mary Trapani Hynes (New Democrat): 25.02 percent
Ryan Kidd (Christian Heritage Party): 0.63 percent
Don Valley West
John Carmichael (Conservative): 43.16 percent (elected)
Georgina Wilcock (Green): 3.28 percent
Rob Oliphant (Liberal): 41.75 percent
Nicole Yovanoff (New Democrat): 11.49 percent
Dimitris Kabitsis (Communist): 0.31 percent
Joseph Oliver (Conservative): 44.42 percent (elected)
Paul Baker (Green): 3.24 percent
Joe Volpe (Liberal): 39.69 percent
Justin Chatwin (New Democrat): 12.6 percent
St. Paul’s
Maureen Harquail (Conservative): 32.88
Jim McGarva (Green): 4.62 percent
Carolyn Bennett (Liberal): 40.15 (elected)
William Molls (New Democrat): 21.81 percent
John Kittredge (Libertarian): 0.54 percent
Toronto Centre
Kevin Moore (Conservative): 23.11 percent
Ellen Michelson (Green): 5.56 percent
Bob Rae (Liberal): 39.06 percent (elected)
Susan Wallace (New Democrat): 31.25 percent
Cathy Holliday (Communist): 0.68 percent
Bahman Yazdanfar (Independent): 0.21 percent
Judi Falardeau (Libertarian): 0.46 percent
Philip Fernandez (Marxist-Leninist): 0.08 percent
Katarina Von Koenig (Conservative): 14.75 percent
Adrianna-Mugnatto-Hamu (Green): 5.78 percent
Andrew Lang (Liberal): 16.68 percent
Jack Layton (New Democrat): 62 percent (elected)
Marie Crawford (Animal Alliance Environment): 0.88 percent
Olivia Chow (New Democrat): 56 percent (elected)
Gin Siow (Conservative): 16.93 percent
Christine Innes (Liberal): 22.49 percent
Rachel Barney (Green): 4.43 percent
Chester Brown (Libertarian): 0.69 percent
Nick Lin (Marxist-Leninist): 0.17 percent
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