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article imageOp-Ed: Criticism of President Obama is not akin to racism

By Michael Krebs     Apr 30, 2011 in Politics
In President Obama's first two years in the White House, he has advocated for the institution of policies that reside in a political spectrum wholly different from a large segment of the US population, and this has brought him criticism; not racism.
The majority of Americans now identify themselves politically as Conservatives, and the Gallop poll demonstrates that this number has grown markedly since the election of President Obama in 2008. The movement toward more Conservative principles can also be seen in the rise of the Tea Party in communities nationwide and in positions of influence and power in government.
This is a large segment of the American population that is ideologically opposed to the policies and to the positions of the Obama administration and his colleagues in Congress.
Obama's health care platform, Obamacare as it has come to be known, was force-fed to the American voting populace during a deep recession from which we have yet to meaningfully emerge. The health care legislation was met with fierce resistance, and its implementation was the catalyst for the Republican Party's 2010 mid-term election victories nationwide.
The 2012 presidential election will have everything to do with the state of the economy and with the lack of sustainability in regard to the national debt.
The cornerstones of criticism that President Obama has received have been on issues of performance, policy, and transparency. Yet, there remains a contingent that is wholeheartedly in love with Mr. Obama and that emotionally processes some of the criticism from the opposition as racism.
Real estate baron and potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pursued President Obama on transparency concerns, asking for documentation and for records. And for this, Mr. Trump has been openly considered a racist.
As was reported in Digital Journal on Friday, late night television personality David Letterman called Trump a racist for comments Trump made in questioning Obama's education performance and records.
Libertarians and Tea Party members have been deemed racists, as Benjamin Grivno in citing Keith Olbermann's commentary reminded us. The racist tag belittles their legitimate narrative on smaller and more efficient government, but maybe that is the motivation of those seeking the opposite.
But just as it is not anti-semitic to criticize the behaviors and actions of Israel, a sovereign nation making policy blunders of its own, it is not racist to criticize the performance, policy and transparency of the Obama White House.
This is a dangerous brand to wield if we are to believe that we have a mature political discourse in America, as it paints us all with the same ignorant brush.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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