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article imageOp-Ed: United States obsessed with Royal Wedding

By Michael Bearak     Apr 30, 2011 in Entertainment
Royal Wedding attracted thousands to the streets of London and it also glued the eyes and ears of millions to their TV sets Friday.
I can remember when Diana married Prince Charles at least sort of. I know it was during the day, I remember having a baby-sitter over, she lived across the street and was one of the sisters of a good friend of mine. All that really doesn't matter, what does is I remember seeing the couple come out of hte church, I remember seeing them ride away in the carriage and I can remember the smile on Diana's face.
Today brought back many of those thoughts. What I found amazing though was the coverage, it didn't matter what station you watched but ABC, CBS, NBC, FoxNews, CNN, E! all had crews covering the wedding. Watching every move and word the couple did. It was truly astounding much like when the president of the United States makes a State of the Union address you can't get away from it and on Friday it was impossible to get away from this wedding.
While people struggled to find pieces of their lives to pick-up in Alabama and Mississippi the rest of the country turn their attention to the wedding vows of two people who have zero influence, other than just cultural, on the United States. I have nothing with Prince William or his new wife, oh I am sorry, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Still, the United States is the same country that more or less gave the middle finger to the then King of England effectively starting the American Revolutionary War just over 200 years ago. That said, why do we really care that this young man and woman are getting married with all the pomp and circumstance that went into it.
I want to stop right here and say too that I have nothing wrong with what I saw on the television. As a matter of fact it was nice to see the excitement in the streets of London, truly it was a unifying event and it restored pride in the Monarchy as well as the country as a whole. Furthermore the food, flowers, dresses and so forth were all from the United Kingdom, so whatever the total for this event ends up being the money was poured back into the local economy. All of that is good, it is great, but what did the Americans really care?
It wasn't like President Obama went to the wedding, so why the over the top coverage by the American media? It is because we are pathetic, all of the stations sent over crews.We can't get enough of lives that are better than out own and there is very little life that could be better than the history and tradition that is a royal wedding in the United Kingdom.
You have to feel badly for William to an extent. This was the most special day of his life and he went through it without his mother. That couldn't have been easy for him, but he is the darling of the United Kingdom and he deserves happiness.
For American journalists like Katie Couric it was a free trip to the UK while she prepares to leave the station. For E! it is an entertainment story like non-else. Still I can't help but think about the pictures of people sifting through rubble in Alabama and wonder why we so quickly pushed them aside?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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