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May 15, 2011 – International Day of Compassion

By Susan Keeping     Apr 29, 2011 in World
May 15, 2011 has been named International Day of Compassion by Bloggers Unite. Bloggers are asked to participate through their blogs.
Bloggers Unite is an organization that since 1997 has helped to raise public awareness of social issues by getting bloggers all over the world to write about certain issues on certain days.
The next day of note promoted by Bloggers Unite is the 1st International Day of Compassion on May 15, 2011. This day is in honour of Dr. Patch Adams. Bloggers Unite would like this to become a UN sanctioned day and have sent a petition to Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon.
Patch Adams is probably best known as from 1998 movie of the same name starring Robin Williams. His sometimes unorthodox medical practices have raised some eyebrows but he believes that “laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process.” He is a true example of what compassion really means.
Bloggers can write anything at all they want about this day of compassion and link it to the Bloggers Unite website. In addition to promoting compassion, bloggers may benefit by attracting readers who will return to their blog regularly.
Compassion seems to be largely missing from our daily lives. Not many people are willing to put themselves in another’s shoes and to understand their plight. We are all human and as humans we need to care about our fellow man, regardless of how he or she got themselves into the situation they find themselves in. Events like this may us get some of that compassion back.
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