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article imageTopFinds: Royal Wedding fever, Obama's birth certificate drama

By David Silverberg     Apr 29, 2011 in Internet
The Royal Wedding of Kate and William capture the world's attention. President Obama releases his long-form birth certificate to quell "birther" controversies. Flooding strikes northwest Arkansas. These are the top stories from across the world.
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Our Digital Journalists have covered the Royal Wedding, Obama's birth certificate hoopla and the horrendous flooding affecting Arkansas.
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We are continuing with our crowdsourcing idea: an opportunity for our community members to suggest content that stood out. In a blog post, we asked people to suggest noteworthy articles, images and blogs. We received some great suggestions, and below are some memorable posts by our contributors:
Widespread flooding in Northwest Arkansas (Includes first-hand account) by Kay Mathews
Many consecutive days of torrential rain has resulted in the flooding of much of Northwest Arkansas with roads closed, schools closing early, shelters being established, and the severe weather continues.
Singer overcomes disabilities to become American Idol sensation by Carol Forsloff
A new singing sensation, James Durbin, is helping bring awareness of two disabilities that can bring great hardship to individuals and families, as this young man who was embraced on American Idol with thunderous applause, may end up winning the gold.
Senate proposed bill would limit military funeral protests (Includes interview) by Kim I. Hartman
A bipartisan group of senators, led by Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, has introduced legislation that toughens the laws which govern protests at military funerals in hopes of making it harder for groups like Westboro Baptist Church to picket these events.
People camp at the eve of the Royal Wedding Celebration.
People camp at the eve of the Royal Wedding Celebration.
Protesters hope for greater publicity at Royal Wedding (Includes interview) by Edwin Ladaga
A number of activist and protesters around the streets of Westminster Abbey are also putting up their tents and placards on the eve of the royal wedding celebrations
The Guantanamo Wikileaks leaks by Michael Cosgrove
Much is being made here in Europe about the latest batch of Wikileaks documents to be released, this time on the...
We could win this war in a week - but would it be worth the cost?
by Aidan Phillips
In June 1967, Israel launched a preemptive strike against Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt...
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Goose Creek Road in Farmington  Ark.  April 25  2011
Goose Creek Road in Farmington, Ark. April 25, 2011
Kelly Eubanks
One group of the massed flypast  including Cessna Caravans and VIP tranporter Beechcraft KingAirs.
One group of the massed flypast, including Cessna Caravans and VIP tranporter Beechcraft KingAirs.

Top Digital Journal Reports

Royal Wedding sick bag, anyone? There’s only a week to go (Includes interview) by Andrew John
With just one week to go before the day of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, one particular manufacturer of wedding memorabilia is finding it hard to keep up with demand.
Op-Ed: Woody Harrelson's Bullet for Adolf is funny compelling theatre (Includes first-hand account) by David Silverberg
Actor Woody Harrelson's new play Bullet for Adolf opened in Toronto recently, and it's a bold comedic story of Harrelson's true friendship with a fellow construction worker in 1980s Houston.
5 Questions with Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May (Includes interview) by Richard Mccallum
Elizabeth May has been the leader of Canada's Green Party since 2006. In 2011 she is determined to win their very first seat in the Canadian Parliament.
Genetic research turning Tilapia into a major global commodity (Includes first-hand account) by Igor I. Solar
Enhanced production through genetic improvement has converted Tilapia, also known as the “wonder fish”, in the second most cultured aquatic animal species in the world after carps, and a major internationally traded commodity.

Top Images

Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff at a Sikh celebration in Toronto
Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff at a Sikh celebration in Toronto
Craftsman s #25 Ford Fusion NASCAR car at the Craftsman Experience.  Chicago  IL
Craftsman's #25 Ford Fusion NASCAR car at the Craftsman Experience. Chicago, IL
There isn t much to beat the sound of African drums.
There isn't much to beat the sound of African drums.
Janet Szabo, Used with permission.

In the Media

Royal couple pronounced husband and wife by Brian Bradley
With no promises of obeying, Kate Middleton became Princess Catherine to her Prince William of Wales. Dressed in a gown designed by Sarah Burton of the British brand Alexander McQueen, Princess Catherine beamed at her new husband.
Texas wildfires continue, with long recoveries expected by Lynn Herrmann
Wildfires ravaging the state of Texas continue impacting its residents, with the Possum Kingdom Lake community that has lost 160 homes and two churches thus far to the fires likely taking “years” to recover.
White House releases Obama's long form birth certificate by KJ Mullins
It would seem that the White House releasing President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate would be enough to end the controversy but that is not the case.
President Obama s Long Form Birth Certificate.
President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate.
White House
Cow's blood enzyme used to glue food; raises health, faith issues by Carol Forsloff
The next time you eat chicken nuggets you might want to think again about what is used to mold the casing for it as it comes from cow’s blood which raises dietary questions as well as faith-based issues.
Amber alert issued for Ontario girl ends but child not found by KJ Mullins
The Ontario Provincial Police issued an Amber Alert for three-year-old Leila Elizabeth May of Sault Saint Marie. The child is believed to be in the company of Kristi Ann Barsanti, 21, the little girl's mother.
Op-Ed: Innocence Lost — WikiLeaks unveils the ghastly goings-on at Gitmo by Bill Lindner
The recent release of documents by WikiLeaks details the ghastly goings-on at Guantanamo and the treatment detainees received in U.S. custody, and reveals, among other things, a myriad of war crimes committed by the Bush administration.
A creative image about the Guantanamo Bay prisoners
A creative image about the Guantanamo Bay prisoners
US, world poker sites unfazed by FBI shutdown by Alexander Baron
There have been recent developments in the United States regarding online gambling and its implications both for poker players and the US economy.
St. Louis airport resumes flights and releases tornado video by Kim I. Hartman
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport announced they have resumed flight operations following the intense tornado that struck the airport Friday evening causing damage to Terminal 1 and Concourse 3. The airport also released video of the storm's impact.
Filipinos whipped and nailed to crosses in crucifixion ritual by Kim I. Hartman
Penitent Filipinos marched through villages, while being beaten with sticks and ropes, in a re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s suffering held yearly on Good Friday. The religious event culminates with a crucifixion ritual that the Catholic church rejects.
Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen to launch new series of Doctor Who by Mathew Wace Peck
The BBC will launch the new series of Doctor Who this evening with two tributes to Elisabeth Sladen, the actor who played companion Sarah Jane Smith since 1973.
American Idol sends Casey Abrams home, are judges being too nice? by Kim I. Hartman
American Idol fans were treated to a night of songs from the catalog of the legendary songwriter, singer and musician, Carole King, when the Top Six gave their weekly performances on the hit show.

Top Blogs

For France, bullfighting is now, unbelievably, "cultural heritage" by Michael Cosgrove
It's official. Bullfighting is now a French cultural asset, as it has just been put on the list of French...
Bullfighting on display in Madrid  Spain.
Bullfighting on display in Madrid, Spain.
Now a blood clot! by Ken Wightman
Finding the time and the energy to post news and blogs has proven difficult over the past months. About six weeks ago...
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