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article imageNew book 'Go the F@#k to sleep' expresses bedtime frustration

By Samantha A. Torrence     Apr 29, 2011 in Entertainment
A recent study shows that parents lie about their superior parenting skills, but one father has decided to become completely honest. His new book "Go the F#@k to sleep" helps release the pressure felt during bedtime routine.
Adam Mansbach is not your typical man. As an author and a public speaker, whose books are taught at university, he has published intelligent and witty books and is respected by his peers. But Mansbach is your typical father and had to deal with a problem that echoes the troubles of many parents, the torture of bedtime. In response to his perturbation over his newly found sleep deprivation, Mansbach began ranting on his facebook page and was then encouraged to publish his inner dialogue. And so "Go the F@#k to sleep" was born.
A bedtime routine is a central part of a household with children. It brings the day to an end, and heralds a time for parents to have some "couple time" or that thing called sleep. It also helps children feel secure in a routine and gives parents a tool for incorporating story time and quality time with the child daily. Despite its importance the bedtime routine is an elusive creature in this day of constant fatigue. Parents want to be able to put their children to bed and simply sleep, but when a child is constantly asking for another drink or another story how can you accomplish this? And during this frustrating time how many times have you said in side, "Just go to freaking sleep already?!"
The Super Nanny TV show demonstrates for us how many parents have had to deal with bedtime. Nanny Jo steps in to encourage exhausted and overwhelmed parents on a weekly basis. Not all of us have Super Nanny and most of us feel alone in our struggles. Our loneliness, though, may be self inflicted.
Netmums published the results of a survey earlier this year asking parents if they are honest with others about their parenting skills and the inner workings of their household. The study found that most people lie about their parenting routine from how many hours they spend with their children to how much TV time is allowed in the household. The lies stem from a perceived societal pressure to be the perfect parent and have the most advanced and well rounded children.
In reality if you let Jimmy spend 2 hours a day playing Xbox so you can cook dinner or even take some time for yourself, rest assured you are not alone. As Adam Mansbach demonstrates in his new book there are many parents who are not perfect examples of serenity in control. Clearly he is not with inner dialogue like this:
The cats nestle close to their kittens now.
The lambs have laid down with the sheep.
You're cozy and warm in your bed, my dear
Please go the fuck to sleep.
Still there are some parents that cling to the illusion that they are in perfect love with their little angels. Commentary on website across the internet shows that there are always one or two who complain that anyone would dare think such a thing about their child. More often than not though the discussions have people coming together about bedtime routines and all the crazy things done with them.
On the discussion brought out the hilarity of some parents and also the revelation that another book was published along the same theme back in 2004. The book was published in creative commons by a man named David Weinberger titled "Go to Damn Sleep."
"Go the F@#k to Sleep" is available for pre-order on Amazon. but does not come out till Oct. 11 2011.
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