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Canada Election 2011: 5 Questions with Liberal Scott Bradley Special

By Richard Mccallum     Apr 28, 2011 in Politics
Ottawa - The race for Ottawa Center is heating up during this federal election; and giving the NDP"s Paul Dewar a run for his money is Liberal candidate Scott Bradley who today answers five questions .
Scott Bradley is well-recognized in the Ottawa region as an effective community organizer and business leader. He was also a key advisor for a Federal Cabinet Minister for three years and is currently running for the seat of Ottawa Centre in this election.
Richard Mccallum:Why do you think that Michael Ignatieff is Canada's best choice for Prime Minister?
Scott Bradley:Michael is a passionate leader who is a respected advocate for peace, human rights and democracy. He will lead a Liberal government which is a progressive, compassionate and responsible alternative to the Harper government. We will address not only substantive policies if elected, but we will address the state of the democratic process itself. The Harper Conservatives are the most secretive government in Canadian history and have systematically attacked our democratic institutions that hold them in check. A Liberal government will lead a democratic renewal with a wide ranging, three part plan designed to:create an open Government, work with all parties to fix our hyper-partisan parliament; and modernize our voting system with Internet voting.
Richard Mccallum:What do you think Canada should do about the war in Afghanistan and the confrontation in Libya?
Scott Bradley:As Canada's combat role in Afghanistan draws to a close, a, Liberal government is committed to carrying out a broader vision of Canada's role in the world, and rebalancing our foreign policy among the 3 D's defence, development, and diplomacy. The Liberal Party believes Canada has an important role in helping Afghans build a better future for their country and we support a limited, post- combat training role for our troops in Afghanistan. our work is not yet done- the people of the country, in particular women and girls, must be made safe from the brutal attacks of the Taliban and others. Canada can continue to play a development role in Afghanistan. We cannot achieve peace and stability unless we ensure that the Afghan military and police can secure the country once the international forces are no longer present.
Next, Liberals strongly support change and freedom in Libya, the international efforts now underway there and Canada's participation in enforcing UN resolutions. However it is unfortunate that Canada wasn't at the table in the UN security Council to further peace in the world. Stephen Harper has unfortunately damaged Canada's reputation in the world. A Liberal Government would ensure Canada can regain our prominent role within the international community and have a set at the negotiating table.
Richard Mccallum:How would the Canadian federal government led by the Liberal Party sustain Canada's current economic recovery?
Scott Bradley:The Liberals are offering a very different approach to the economy, by standing up for families as they struggle with financial pressures.
The NDP economic plan is not a viable alternative, with unrealistic spending goals and is full of promises which simply can't be kept. We have a costed out and prudent plan to tackle the Conservative deficit and return to sound management of public spending.
A Liberal Government would make the smart, responsible choice and reverse Harper's $6 billion corporate tax cut to 2010 levels. Liberals believe that our corporate tax rate is already low, and with a $56-billion deficit, we would focus instead on giving families a break. rather, our priorities are family care, providing support for those caring for sick loved ones at home, the Learning Passport, direct support for higher education, secure Retirement Option, and a Green Home renovation tax credit. we will prepare for the jobs of tomorrow by providing leadership on innovation, learning, and Canada's place in the global economy. we're focusing on rebuilding the current as well as investing in our future economy, through investment in students and innovation through education.
Richard Mccallum: On April 13, The Ontario Supreme Court ruled that Canada's laws concerning medical cannabis are unconstitutional; there seems to be a lot of confusion about where the law stands on cannabis in Canada, what is the Liberal party's position on this?
Scott Bradley:Marijuana remains a controlled substance in Canada except for limited circumstances in which it is used for medicinal purposes. Liberal support laws that crack down on large producers and sellers of marijuana, though we would be open to decriminalization of limited marijuana use so that police can focus on more serious crimes.
We will continue to work towards a modern strategy that appropriately combines measures to discourage the use of marijuana by young Canadians with reasonable law enforcement strategies.
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