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article imageOp-Ed: Obama and Trumping the race card

By Paul Bright     Apr 28, 2011 in Politics
Is the birther issue over? Not hardly. People will still question him. And that will play into the hands of Barack Obama's reelection campaign.
Breaking News: The President of the United States was born in America. To be honest, it still isn't breaking news to most people. Yet because the President would not show the document in public for three years, people questioned his place of birth. At least that's what they say. But I have another theory: they didn't trust it because he's half-white.
Before the cries of "he’s pulling the race card!" are shouted, let's have some disclosure. I grew up as a mixed-race military brat and lived overseas for many years. I was also once a registered Democrat. I consider myself now independent, although admittedly a little left of center. And I voted for Barack Obama in the last election after Sarah Palin became the VP nominee.
Having said that, I truly believe that the birther issue is one based on Obama's half-whitedness. It has to be something as silly as that. Those who normally oppose the Democratic president have routinely found other reasons to discredit opponents. But the issue is so out-of-the loop, even Karl Rove has asked birthers to stop.
The problem with the birther issue is that, despite the long-sought release of the long form certificate, it's not over. They will examine it and still have questions. So if your top Republican strategist believes that this is an issue not worth pursuing, and it wasn't an issue until Barack wanted to become President, and no other nominees were ever questioned after presenting documents showing they were born in a United State (yes, Hawaii is one of the United States), why else does it matter?
President Obama s Long Form Birth Certificate.
President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate.
White House
Race. That's why.They were perfectly fine when he was working in the field as a community organizer, and even in the house as a state Senator. They invited him to dinner. They let him speak in public. That boy Barry is a smart one! But let his half-white body sit at the head of the table with his non-white wife? That's just not right. He should have gone through the proper doors before wanting to be President.
The birther issue might actually be a positive political strategy for Barack Obama. Obama has obviously read a lot of books, and I would assume that he's read The Emperor Has No Clothes and sees Donald Trump as a perfectly naked mess. Trump was the final push to make the birther the big mess that it is, right before the campaign season. Hold off on showing the long-form certificate until the conservative American public becomes fascinated with Trump and make him the forerunner. Trump’s got lots of money and can afford the top investigators to really discover the truth about this certificate. Remember, Trump said you wouldn't believe what they've been finding!
Which turns out to be an official long-form birth certificate, just like Hawaii, the White House, and the President has been saying all along.
So now Trump will have to focus on something unheard of: the issues, and how he'd do things differently as President. And that's where Trump might need a robe. But if this is how Trump spends his money, we'd be in trouble if he were President.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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