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article imageElection Canada: 5 Questions with NDP MP Paul Dewar Special

By Richard Mccallum     Apr 26, 2011 in Politics
Ottawa - The Globe & Mail has called the New Democratic Party's Paul Dewar one of "Five MP's to Watch" and has also declared him as "Front and center on the big issues" .
Today with 5 Questions Paul Dewar shares the NDP's views on the war in Afghanistan, conflict in Libya, the NDP's position on Canada's economic recovery, decriminalization for possession of cannabis and why Jack Layton is Canada's best choice for prime minister in 2011.
Dewar began his political career as a community worker and organizer and has created over twenty pieces of legislation which have been considered by the House of Commons.
Of the twenty bills; four have been adopted by the government including; legislation to cut out inefficient light bulbs, banning the toxin Bisphenol A, protecting Gatineau Park, and a bill allowing more transparency in the operations of the National Capital Commission.
Dewar was also instrumental to the passage of Bill C-393 which is known as the "Medicine for All" bill. It cut the red tape for exporting Canadian generic drugs to the developing world; a process which allows life saving medicines to earth's poorest countries.
He is the Foreign Affairs Critic for the New Democrats and is currently running for the seat in Ottawa center.
Richard Mccallum:Why do you think that Jack Layton is Canada's best choice for Prime Minister?
Paul Dewar: Mr Layton has been consistent in trying to make parliament work and get results for people.
He has a plan to make life more affordable for average families. He will ensure that seniors and children aren't living in poverty. He will reward companies that keep jobs in Canada. He will strengthen the pension plan and improve frontline health services. he's the only leader committed to fighting climate change.
Richard Mccallum:What do you think Canada should do about the war in Afghanistan and the confrontation in Libya?
Paul Dewar:Canada should end the war in Afghanistan and instead focus on development and diplomacy. Canada should support UN effort in Libya to establish a ceasefire and find a political resolution that addresses the democratic aspirations of the Libyan people.
Richard Mccallum:How would the Canadian federal government led by the NDP sustain Canada's current economic recovery?
Paul Dewar:We would invest in a green economy, green collar jobs, and provide support to job creators with a $4500 job tax credit and reduce small taxes on businesses from 11% to 9%.
Richard Mccallum: On April 13, The Ontario Supreme Court ruled that Canada's laws concerning medical cannabis are unconstitutional; there seems to be a lot of confusion about where the law stands on cannabis in Canada, what is the NDP's position on this?
Paul Dewar:We don't support criminal prosecution for simple possession by adults. We support legal use of marijuana where prescribed for medical purposes. And, of course, Canada's policy on this issue should always be guided by harm reduction principles in all cases.
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