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article imageOp-Ed: Release the Reserves, Obama. I Can't Afford Coffee

By Paul Bright     Apr 24, 2011 in Politics
Gas prices are going up. We're paying nearly $4 a gallon. This affects my current lifestyle because I can no longer afford coffee.
Obama: Release Reserves; I Can’t Afford Coffee
Dear President Obama,
Please release the oil reserves. I’m sure you’ve seen the rising gas prices, Mr. President. Several states, including my state of California, have eclipsed $4 a gallon. $4! Do you know how much that is and how it affects my current lifestyle? That’s equal to a small-sized latte at Starbucks. With the price per gallon going up 30 cents in a month, I simply can’t afford gas anymore if I want to have my daily coffee.
Sir, we are in a crisis. I’m sending this letter to you via my internet service at home. In fact, I’ll probably double-check it on my smart phone once I’m done with my afternoon theater matinee (I can’t afford night time movie tickets anymore). I do this as I drink my latte at Starbucks because I want you to know the importance of our crisis and our recession.
Granted, I’m one of the 90 percent who isn’t unemployed, but I’m struggling, sir. And you don’t seem to be aware. I know, because I watch you on television every day, giving press conferences stating that you think we should tighten our belts and get used to it. Tighten our belts? I couldn’t believe you said that. I got onto Facebook and Twitter and told all my friends how you think we should cut back on our expenses to afford gas.
We are in a crisis, Mr. President, and possibly still in a recession. We can barely afford to entertain ourselves, and you won’t open the reserves to lower gas prices? Did you know that box office receipts are getting lower and lower every year? We were only able to spend $28 million watching Rio last weekend. I’ll be forced to continue watching movies on HBO or Netflix, which costs me an extra $30 per month combined!
I know we’re involved in conflicts and crises taking place in Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt. Speculators are probably to blame for raising gas prices since there’s turmoil in the Middle East. Even though none of those countries are even in the top five of our oil imports, what happens if the conflict spreads to our major suppliers such as Canada, Mexico or Venezuela? Sure, Saudi Arabia is on that list, but the world already knows what happens when you get close…you become our 6th largest importer (see: Iraq).
Release the reserves, Mr. President. Our country needs you. If you don’t, we may be forced to carpool and drive to wherever you are speaking, rent a hotel, eat dinner, wake up, walk to Starbucks, get more coffee, and then protest you with the handmade signs we created by purchasing supplies at a big box hardware store. I don’t think you want that, sir.
We might even have a gas-out until you lower the prices. That will teach these oil companies not to mess with our dollars. I’m not sure how I’ll get to work after a week of the gas-out, but I’ll find a way. Maybe I’ll walk, or carpool with a non-protestor. I still need to go to work so I can pay rent for my house, my Mustang, and my motorcycle, and my minivan.
Release the reserves, Mr. Obama. My coffee awaits.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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