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article imageEgg coloring for the Easter holiday proves to be serious business Special

By Michael Krebs     Apr 23, 2011 in World
On a rainy Saturday afternoon an age-old Easter egg coloring tradition proves to be artsy and complex and proves also to be a serious business, with new decorating arrays for a variety of tastes and interests.
When I was a kid it was considered high fashion in my house to have crafted a multi-colored Easter egg of any dimension. We would dip and dunk with our copper and octagonal monocle-like tool, waiting out the magic of our vinegar-dye chemistry for the more vibrant colors to delight us. It was sloppy and it was simple and it worked for us.
In working with Gavin and Brenna, a brother-sister team aged 12 and 9 respectively, I was surprised at the new depth of options available to the Easter egg artist. Paas, the staple Easter egg dye firm, has demonstrated that there are hosts of decoration offerings that go far beyond what I knew to be available from my childhood experience.
There are wax pencils for free-form expressions, sealing off the dye's penetration and leaving behind designated white markings; there are diameter wraps in all manner of design patterns; there are finishing stickers that can feature anything from puppies and kittens to pirates and monsters; there are glitter pens and magic crayons; there are chalk options and sand coatings; and there are beads and stencils that help bring a fourth dimension to the humble chicken egg.
For the more naturally-minded Easter egg artist, there are organic alternatives that can produce beautiful colors, as the Chicago Sun Times notes.
But my team did not go down such exotic roads. Having seen Hop, our crew understood the possibilities and were happy to express those possibilities with colored dye tablets and plastic cups of vinegar water, stoked in the simple knowledge that a little longer brings the brighter color while a more speculative dip delivers the soft pastels.
And while we all could appreciate that Easter morning would bring about demands in hunting and in candy consumption, the submerged eggs and the promise of the colors to come brought forward a different appreciation altogether.
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