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article image'Bragadocious' Trump may be scoring with anti-Obama sound bites

By Michael Krebs     Apr 18, 2011 in Politics
Whether or not he chooses to run for the White House, real estate baron Donald Trump is creating a menu of sound bites in his criticism of President Obama; and at a recent Tea Party rally, attendees cheered on Trump's speech.
Speaking before a South Florida Tea Party gathering on Sunday, real estate mogul and possible Republican presidential contender Donald Trump reiterated his assertion that President Obama will likely go down in history as the worst president of the United States, according to UPI . It is a sentiment Trump originally expressed in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, as was reported in Digital Journal.
As L.A. Times reports, the crowd applauded "when he talked about giving Obama the signature line from his reality TV show: 'You're fired.'"
As Politico reports, there is a growing belief that Mr. Trump will indeed make a bid for the White House, his anti-Obama rhetoric appears to be emerging in a more acidic manner.
The question then becomes centered on whether or not there is a sustainable audience for this particular brand of message. While there clearly are a large pool of Americans that do not agree with the policies and positions of President Obama, as reflected in the latest polls (detailed by Real Clear Politics), Trump will need to win moderates and independents who may not agree with his style of attack.
In speaking before the annual Tea Party's anti-tax assembly, Trump was especially fired up, speaking out on a range of topics from foreign policy to his "bragadocious" personal and business victories.
“I’ve said on numerous occasions, that countries like China, India, South Korea, Mexico, the OPEC nations and many others view our leaders as weak and ineffective. And we have repeatedly, unfortunately been taken advantage of to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year,” Trump said, according to CNN. “We have to take our country back.”
Trump re-emphasized the need for President Obama to release his full birth certificate, a position that has become a Trump staple. But he broadened his horizons in his first major speech as a potential presidential candidate.
“How about Libya, isn’t that a beauty?" he continued. "We don’t want to change the regime. We want nothing to do with the regime, but we want them out. I can just imagine our soldiers and pilots – they’re probably saying, ‘What does he (Obama) mean? He said he’s not going to be involved in the regime change. And then in another speech he says, we want him out. What does it mean?’ In the meantime, it’s a total disaster. Because nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. And Gadhafi is winning.”
Trump then released a theory of his own on the musings of President Obama, saying of the two autobiographical books written by Obama there appeared to be a stark difference in the writing styles and capabilities of the president.
“The man that wrote the second book ... didn’t write the first book," Trump said, according to CNN. “The difference was like chicken salad and chicken shit."
Trump has said that he will make his announcement on whether or not he is planning to run for president before June, possibly on the season finale of his "Celebrity Apprentice" program.
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