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article imageOp-Ed: Media aids Trump potential 'American Idol' win of Presidency

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 13, 2011 in Politics
Donald Trump, who created the Apprentice where verbal abuse is part of audience satisfaction, is considering running for President, aided and abetted by the media, in a fashion that could create a potential "American Idol" win.
The tragedy is Trump's fostering untruths from the right-wing playbook that recognizes most people won't believe the real truth, whether it is Obama's birth certificate or something else, until it is too late.
Trump takes aim now at the birth certificate issue regarding Obama, claiming he sent his "representatives" there for an investigation. No reporter, however, has asked what representatives he sent, when they went, where they made their investigations and with whom. His claims fly by like so many scarecrows, poised to strike doubt and loathing in an America already disgruntled by political and economic upsets. He does so at a time when the country has also seen attacks on Muslim religious groups and new measures designed to raise suspicions about Mexicans, even those born in the United States. He does so as applauded by media folk who verbally fawn rather than ask the hard questions or ignore him entirely, as a ridiculous sidebar in the culture.
The media don't pose the real and honest question to Trump and that is why Trump and others assume the present Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat, and Linda Lingle, the former Governor, a Republican, the Honolulu Advertiser, Kapiolani Hospital, the head of the Department of Health and all sorts of civil servants associated with the government of Hawaii would blatantly lie about seeing Obama's original birth certificate.
Kapiolani Hospital produced records to officials showing Obama was born in that facility.
Kapiolani Hospital produced records to officials showing Obama was born in that facility.
Trump is also not questioned why he asks the government of Hawaii to overlook its own regulations in producing for the President a birth certificate form, the like of which is given to no one else. The ordinary Hawaiian attests to that in ordinary chats this reporter had with folks during a recent visit to the islands. During a 12-year management tenure in a counseling agency, this reporter also interacted with hundreds of Hawaii residents and others securing employment verification for career counseling and placement. The I-9 required residents produce birth certificates for verification of citizenship. They were all the same format of the birth certificate produced by Barack Obama.
During that same January 2011 visit, this reporter also visited Kapiolani Hospital where staff brush off any discussion of the subject of the birth certificate with a look of disgust.
Most of the media writing on the topic, have made no in-person visit of their own to the islands to order to finally put the lie to its final test. It is easy just to posture while securing an audience based on the type of thinking that conspiracy theorists use to secure attention. Many publications foster this in different venues.
ABC News interviewed Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of Hawaii's Department of Health who said,nothing will satisfy the " birthers." He said, "They're going to question the ink on which it was written or say it was fabricated," Fukino said. "The whole thing is silly."
Fukino said she has inspected Obama's "long form" birth certificate twice -- once in the run up to the 2008 presidential election and again in July of 2009. Both times Fukino made public statements indicating that she had inspected the certificate and that it was in fact accurate.
"It is real, and no amount of saying it is not, is going to change that," Fukino said.
She also said the highly questioned "certification of live birth" that was obtained by the Obama campaign in 2007 is the standard document that any citizen requesting their birth certificate from the state of Hawaii would receive.
Furthermore, the McCain campaign attorneys had every reason to want their candidate to find evidence that Obama was not born in the United States. Yet these attorneys said, “To the extent that we could, we looked into the substantive side of these allegations.
We never saw any evidence that then-Senator Obama had been born outside of the United States. We saw rumors, but nothing that could be sourced to evidence. There were no statements and no documents that suggested he was born somewhere else.
On the other side, there was proof that he was born in Hawaii. There was a certificate issued by the state’s Department of Health, and the responsible official in the state saying that he had personally seen the original certificate.
There was a birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser, which would be very difficult to invent or plant 47 years in advance.”
American Idol symbolizes why Trump succeeds to disturb and attack and be applauded for his misrepresentations and verbal antics. The best and most talented artists like former front-runner on the show, Pia Toscano, can be tossed out in favor of someone less talented just because it creates a furor and empowers immature audiences who simply vote for the absurd, the popular, but not the hard-working and talented. Donald Trump is potentially the American Idol winner of politics. The worry is that some Americans will support him Jesse Ventura-style, which is to vote for the unusual, the one predicted not to win, in order to give the middle finger just for fun. Jesse Ventura, a former wrestler folks may recall, was elected Governor of the State of Minnesota over seasoned politicians with experience in much the same type of game.
The charade of a Trump candidacy will likely play long and loud with Trump in the center ring running the show on the networks in all four corners.
The media, however, is destined to be part of the audience, instead of assuming responsibility for asking difficult questions, while all this occurs because the Trump tactic is to savage anyone who dares to question what he does. The media also benefits from increased readership the more the topic of the birth certificate is given credence.
Buying the Presidency with media aid is altogether possible enough for folks to begin asking the right questions about what it would mean to have a Donald Trump in the White House. His potential candidacy is reminiscent of the Nixon administration tactics, that continue to be used by the right wing of the Republican Party, where the goal is to annihilate opposition even if it means lies and the disgrace of the Presidency from someone destined to buy, and lie, his way to the top without scruples.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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