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article imageOp-Ed: No-show White House calls Trump bid a ‘sideshow’

By Lynn Herrmann     Apr 12, 2011 in Politics
Washington - The Obama administration this week announced it has no fears with billionaire Donald Trump’s recent tire kicking maneuvers as he considers a possible presidential bid, calling those efforts a “sideshow,” oblivious of its own no-show efforts.
Trump, who is reportedly contemplating a run at President Obama’s current job in the White House, is running second behind Ken-doll look-alike Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, according to several polls.
On ABC’s “This Week” show, Obama’s campaign adviser David Plouffe, still clinging to the hope campaign of two years ago, said: “I think I saw Donald Trump kind of rising in some polls and given his behavior with respect to the last couple of weeks, I hope he keeps on rising.”
Obviously, the White House is confident that while Trump continues focusing on the subject of Obama’s birth, the American people have no interest in such matters. On the television talk show, Plouffe added: “I think there's zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people to do this job.”
Barackstar has obviously forgotten the number one rule when dealing with opponents, never underestimate them. Clearly, he is doing that with Trump, just as he is doing it with the American population.
According to the Telegraph, Trump has received heavy criticism over his desire to pursue the Obama “birther” issue, a law requiring all US presidents to be born in the country, and has sent investigators to Hawaii to uncover the truth. Yes, the comedy act that is politics in America continues. The important issue here is this: what planet do these morons come from? How do we send them back?
There is nothing quite like a bit of arrogance on the part of someone chosen to do a job based on campaign promises that have turned out to be nothing more than lies. Not content with his ability to mislead and misdirect, Plouffe continued with his efforts at bad comedy on “This Week” in stating: “There may be a small part of the country that believes these things, but mainstream Americans think it's a sideshow.”
Adding to Obama’s pack of lies are his spineless efforts of capitulation on all things relevant, including the still-struggling economy (think surging fuel prices that we will not recover from), the environment (think, in part, BP’s assault on such and the horrific nightmare just unfolding because of it, including dead baby dolphins, dead sea turtles and growing health concerns for Gulf coast residents), and a still-nosediving housing market (think record foreclosures last year set to be surpassed by this year’s record foreclosures).
Dare we mention wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya? Wars that are draining the US bank account and pushing the empire to its knees.
How about the assault on social services in America? While Obama is busy addressing the issue of Trump, the poor and elderly of this country, already faced with insurmountable odds, are preparing themselves for living hell once the Democratic-led GOP is through robbing the country.
Donald Trump  a real estate tycoon
Donald Trump, a real estate tycoon
Gage Skidmore
The issue of human rights abuse in this country is too disgusting to mention in this piece, but for now we will leave it at this: wonder how Barackstar would feel were it one of his daughters, rather than Bradley Manning, going through the torture and abuse being dealt by the heavy-handed thugs in the US military? Wonder how he would react then? Would he get off his ass and address the issue, or just sit there as he is currently doing?
Just last week the incumbent president announced his plans for reelection, and early indicators suggest he could raise as much as $1 billion in election influence, formerly known as campaign contributions. Much of that influence will come from large donors, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling last year opening the door for unlimited influence, a move allowing big business to purchase US elections, something Obama was once highly critical of.
Faced with a cold reality of not having the grass roots popularity from two years ago that swept him into the highest office in the land, Obama is now intent on going to where the money is, the large corporation that is now the US political system.
However, he did not completely forget about his little people. That reelection announcement last week included a letter to those supporters, many of them now former supporters, suggesting his reelection efforts will begin “with people organizing block-by-block, talking to neighbors, co-workers, and friends.”
The letter, of course, was preceded by his official, official announcement on twitter, leading political science professor David Michael Green to sum up all things Obama as
the impossible lightness of being that is our President Tweet.
Only in America could our possible choices for president morph from hope and change versus a you-betcha loudmouth from Alaska to one of no-show versus sideshow.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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