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article imageHumala and Fujimori leading polls in Perú presidential election

By Igor I. Solar     Apr 9, 2011 in World
Lima - The presidential election in Perú taking place tomorrow April 10 appears headed to a runoff between left-wing nationalist Ollanta Humala and right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, according to recent surveys.
According to the results of surveys announced April 7, which for legal reasons cannot be published in Peru, leftist-nationalist Ollanta Humala is the only candidate certain to go on to the second round scheduled for June 5.
A poll conducted by Ipsos Apoyo, shows Mr. Humala with 28 percent of the preferences. Three candidates follow with vote intention too close to be considered significant because the figures are within the survey’s margin of error (+/- 2.2 percent). Ms. Keiko Fujimori receives 21.4 of the preferences, while liberal candidate Mr. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has 18.4 and centrist Mr. Alejandro Toledo gathers 18.2 percent.
Another poll, also released on April 7, done by CPI (Peruvian Company of Opinion and Market Research) puts Humala in first place with 29 percent, while Fujimori, Toledo and Kuczynski appear with 21.5, 19.3 and 15.3 percent, respectively.
Experts from the agencies conducting the surveys agree that the candidate in second place on the day of the election could be anyone of the three candidates following Mr. Humala in the polls. Given the virtual tie, the “undecided” accounting for 8 percent of the electorate, will be crucial in defining who pass to the second round. Another factor which may change the results shown in the surveys is the final vote of those who have already indicated a preference, but acknowledged that their decision could change. Those constitute about 20 percent of the electorate.
Mario Vargas Llosa endorses Toledo
Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel prize in Literature 2010, who run unsuccessfully for president of his country in 1990 against Keiko's father Alberto Fujimori, endorsed candidate Alejandro Toledo and declared that choosing between Humala and Fujimori is similar to choosing between cancer and terminal AIDS.
The following information briefly summarizes the profile of the candidates that according to the recent surveys have the highest probability of passing to the runoff election.
Ollanta Humala  former miitary commander  Peruvian Presidential candidate of Gana Perú coalition.
Ollanta Humala, former miitary commander, Peruvian Presidential candidate of Gana Perú coalition.
Ollanta Humala
Mr. Humala, 47, won the first round of the previous presidential election in 2006. However, he lost in the runoff against current president Alan García. He has expressed his solidarity with the government and people of Bolivia in their demands for a sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean across Chilean territory.
His eventual election as President of Perú is seen with concern in foreign and economic circles because he is deemed influenced by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez who backed him as a candidate in the previous election..
Members of the Workers Party of Brazil have been working in Perú since January assisting Humala’s election campaign using a strategy similar to that which led to former president Lula da Silva winning the presidency of Brazil: the objective is to minimize Humala’s image as a radical nationalist.
Keiko Fujimori  Peruvian presidential candidate of coalition Fuerza 2011. She is the daughter of for...
Keiko Fujimori, Peruvian presidential candidate of coalition Fuerza 2011. She is the daughter of former Peruvian president Ernesto Fujimori.
K. Fujimori
Keiko Fujimori
Ms. Fujimori, 35, is the daughter of former president of Perú Alberto Fujimori, currently serving concurrent sentences of 25 years in prison having been tried, found guilty and convicted on charges of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, human rights violations, murder, kidnapping and bodily harm. While Alberto Fujimori was president, after the divorce of her parents, Keiko was appointed First Lady of Perú.
Ms. Fujimori has a degree on Business Administration from Columbia University. In April 2006, she was elected to Congress with the highest number of votes in Peruvian history. She has been accused of funding her studies at Columbia University with public money and criticised for her high rate of absenteeism in Congress.
Ms. Fujimori has eluded to answer questions on whether she would grant amnesty to her disgraced father. However, she has mentioned (video below) that the President of Peru has the prerogative of pardoning prisoners.
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