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article imageFargginay's treasure: Bacon fragrances on sale now

By Vincent Sobotka     Apr 8, 2011 in Food
Legend has it that in the year 1920 a Parisian butcher accidentally concocted a powerful, mood-lifting elixir and discreetly distributed the popular remedy to those with power or fame. Four years later, the butcher lost his shop and the recipe to a fire.
His name was John Fargginay, and for one man the lost recipe of his legendary formula became an obsession.
Nearly 80-years later, John Leydon, a Chicago businessman, founded - evidentally in his respects for the legend - Fargginay,Inc., a company intent on linking the lost formula to a modern-day purpose. First, though, he had to replicate the recipe that is said to have gone up in flames during 1924. For 11 years Leydon and the rest of Fargginay, Inc. strove to resurrect the magic of the legend.
Whether or not bacon is magical has yet to be determined through substantial evidence. Leydon, though, is so convinced that he claims Fargginay's products "just may change your life." Well, for the time being, bacon has been known to remedy hangovers and raise cholesterol.
The bacon cologne produce by Fargginay is available in two scents, Bacon Classic and Bacon Gold. The company's website answers many consumer questions, tells the tales of the legend and showcases its commercial promotion with debatable humor, claiming the slogan "Scent by the Gods" to describe the result of combining 11 essential oils. Fargginay's website describes the differences between its Gold and Classic product, and claims that each scent is marketable for both men and women, but Lendy himself stated one scent was created for men and the other for women.
Lendy appeared on Chicago's ABC morning news broadcast today to discuss Fargginay, Inc. and the two fragrances. Though Lendy claims that the recently launched scents have become extremely popular, the news team hit the streets with their cameras, and the video census indicates the fragrances are more likey to start a revolt than a revolution among locals. Those interviewed hint that their considerations of Bacon by Fargginay are more of a novelty than a purposeful use.
None the less, interested consumers may purchase a one-ounce (30 mL) bottle of flavorful pinches and dashes of spices underlined by bacon at the cost of $36. Bacon Gold is described on Fargginay's website to have a mixed scent of citrus and bacon, while the description for Bacon Classic is said to smell of maple and bacon. Bacon fragrances are also available at "high quality retailers across the planet."
The packaging for the "revolution" of colognes instructs that Fargginay's products are "For External, Personal Use Only."
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