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article image5 Questions with Canadian Liberal MP Justin Trudeau Special

By Richard Mccallum     Apr 7, 2011 in Politics
Montreal - Justin Trudeau is well known to many Canadians as the first born son of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and of course as a Liberal Member of Parliament representing the Papineau district in Montreal, where he is seeking re-election .
On Monday I submitted five questions to Justin Trudeau's media office, and here are his answers.
Richard Mccallum: In your opinion what are the greatest challenges facing our society in the future, and how would you like to see the Liberal party address these issues?
Justin Trudeau: Canada is respected all over the world for our strengths as a nation, our pride in our accomplishments and our people.This is something we need to maintain and continue into the future. The main thing I believe we need to focus our efforts on is getting youth involved in the nation that they will become the beneficiaries of in the future. The decisions made by the government today will effect them tomorrow and therefore they would benefit greatly from becoming more involved and helping form these decisions.
The Liberal Party already has great initiatives in place to help youth become more involved, and we support youth based initiatives all across Canada. I would love to see Members o f Parliament reach out to the youth in their respective communities on a regular basis and uses means of communication that resonate more with the youth. I am confident that the youth in Canada are eager to be heard and will offer insight that can help move Canada into an even stronger place in the coming years.
Richard Mccallum: Many Canadians live below the poverty line. How can we empower them to re-renter the economy and eliminate poverty in Canada, and how could the Liberal Party achieve this before the end of the first quarter if the 21 century?
Justin Trudeau: When a nation invests in its people,its people invest back in the nation. The more resources and improvement initiatives we develop the more versatile and apt people will become. Education and formal employment training are what will pave the way for Canadians who are currently unemployed to find their place in the economy and eliminate poverty.
By offering initiatives like the Youth Hiring Initiative and the Canadian Learning Passport, the Liberal party is taking an active stance on education and employment and making sure that as a nation, we are more competitive and in turn more successful.
Richard Mccallum: Are you confident the Liberal Party will gain more seats in this election?
Justin Trudeau: Yes. The Liberal Platform resonates with all Canadians. It provides the support and stability that Canadians of all walks of life are looking for. The Canadians we are looking to represent and support no doubt share our vision and values for a stronger, more united, more educated and more economically stable Canada.
Richard Mccallum: How would Mr. Ignatieff make a different Prime Minister than Stephen Harper?
Justin Trudeau: Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party stand for the same values that Canadians are desperately in need of: a stronger economy, better support for our families, a brighter future, a more sustainable environment and a united nation.
Mr Harper has had plenty of time to work with Canadians to show them the things that he and his Conservatives stand for and unfortunately for him, Canadians do not support deceit, corruption and elitist attitudes. Canada is in need if a government that will work hard to promote the things that Canadians believe in, not one that works hard to cover up mistakes and corruptions of it's members. We need Michael Ignatieff.
Pierre Ellliott Trudeau speaks in 1980.
Pierre Ellliott Trudeau speaks in 1980.
wikimedia / Chiloa
Richard Mccallum: What do you think of what Pierre Elliot Trudeau would have thought of The Harper Government?
Justin Trudeau: I think that he would have been disappointed. For a nation like ours to have to deal with the corruption and scandal that peers out from Conservative -led initiatives is just disheartening. My father had tremendous pride in his nation and in his people, and I'm sure he would have faith that the Canadian people would make use of our democratic system to stand up for themselves and elect a government that will encourage them not to abandon them.
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