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article imageOp-Ed: NOW Magazine publishes an almost naked Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

By Carolyn E. Price     Mar 31, 2011 in Politics
Toronto - When right-wing hate is published, it is decried by all in the media, public and political spectrum as being disgusting and totally unacceptable. Yet somehow, when left-wing hate is published we are asked why we've left our "sense of humor" at the door?
Today, NOW Magazine published it's weekly free paper that includes a picture of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's head photoshopped onto a mostly naked body of a hugely fat man wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.
The photo inside accompanying the article is somewhat worse, showing an almost totally naked man, with only a can with the words "Gravy Train" on it, covering his private parts, posing in the classic "look at me" pose (aka hands on hips, butt pushed up in the air) with Mayor Ford's head again photoshopped onto it.
Now, some obviously find this somewhat amusing. Others will find this personal attack completely disrespecting and making hay out of the weight of the elected leader of the City of Toronto bordering on hate-speech.
Adam Vaughan, a City Councillor, obviously thinks it is quite humorous because, when he was interviewed on Global Toronto for the six o'clock news on Thursday evening, he had this to say, with a smirk on his face and laughing at times during the interview:
When you are in politics you gotta grow a thick skin and while there is a lot of skin in this, it is just part and parcel of the job.
Alice Klein, the Editor of NOW Magazine was also quoted on Global and said:
This is what politics is all about. This is what being in the public eye is all about. Surely we don't have to leave our sense of humor at the door when we talk about Rob Ford.
Funny about that isn't it? Way back in the '90's the Prime Minister of Canada at the time, Kim Campbell, was forced to apologize over the use of an attack ad depicting her Liberal Party of Canada rival's face as a possible impediment to his being taken seriously as a leader.
Yes, that is what left-wing politics is all about.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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