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article imageSome seeking solutions to Tokyo drinking water Special

By Molly Zelvonberger     Mar 29, 2011 in World
Update: To date, no recommendations for restrictions.
IAEA Briefing on Fukushima Nuclear Accident (31 March 2011) Two IAEA teams are currently monitoring radiation levels and radioactivity in the environment in Japan.
Excerpt: Most of the previously imposed recommendations for restrictions on drinking have been lifted. As of 28 March, recommendations for restrictions based on I-131 concentration remain in place in four villages of in the Fukushima prefecture, in three of these villages, restrictions continue to apply for infants only.
Officials cautioned against giving tap water to young children, but officials said there was no immediate health risk for adults. After tap water was deemed unsuitable for young children, the Tokyo general governor called Tokyo's tap water safe for all, even-though bottle water has been flying off the shelves.
The concern is due to high levels of radioactive iodine-131 that have been found in drinking water supplies in parts of Tokyo and surrounding areas. It should be noted radiation levels decreased after a March 24 advisory was publicized.
Currently soil samples reveal trace amounts of plutonium. But officials insist the plutonium does not pose a health threat. Officials emphasized that radioactive materials would be "significantly diluted" as the contamination moved from marine species to human.
Some companies are looking to Pure Water distillers to provide a reliable source of safe drinking water for their employees' families. The government said that adults don't need to worry at this time, but many people aren't taking any chances. To assist these companies, Pure & Secure is offering an advanced water distiller and bottle-filling system that allows companies to produce pure bottled water for their employees' families.
According to Mr. Sam Maalouf, Director of Sales, "Pure Water brand distillers provide a broad-spectrum of protection from biological contaminants, toxic metals, organic compounds and radioactive contaminants in water, which is why many US Embassies around the world have relied on Pure Water distillers for more than three decades to protect their staff from harsh water conditions and potential terror threats." I interviewed Glenn Meder from Pure & Secure, LLC.
Q. What are some of the specific concerns a company might turn to you for help?
A. When there is a disaster, especially when flooding is involved, drinking water can quickly become contaminated. Water treatment plants shut down, chlorination stops, water lines break and sewage overflows. So the result is that survivors don’t have a supply of safe drinking water. Healthy people can quickly become sick and unable to help themselves or their families. These people become dependent upon the rescuers, and the logistics chain. So individuals and companies are seeking solutions for ensuring that they can provide themselves and their employees with safe drinking water. The problem is that no one knows what contaminants are in the water, so you want a process that removes a broad spectrum of contaminants from water, which is what we do.
Q. What is an advanced water distiller and how would it help with some of the problems facing these companies coming to you for help?
A. We manufacture water distillers, which are high end water treatment systems. Our systems use the process of distillation, which is means that we boil the water (which kills bacteria) and then we take the pure steam that comes off (the contaminants are left behind in the boiling tank) the water and cool it back down into pure, distilled water. This is an extremely effective water treatment process on a full range of contaminants. Our products produce high-purity distilled water and then we have a dispensing system that allows companies to provide their employees with bottled water.
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