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article imageTopFinds: Canada going to the polls, Kim Jong-Il's gift to Japan

By David Silverberg     Mar 25, 2011 in Internet
The Canadian Conservative government falls, setting the stage for a spring election. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il donates $500,000 to Japan's relief efforts. Will religion go extinct? These are the top stories on
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Bomb explodes in Jerusalem (Includes first-hand account) by Hailey Dilman
A terrorist attack in Israel's capital shakes the nation. Jerusalem's relative quiet years are interrupted by a bomb in it's central bus station: terrorism is on everyone's mind.
One woman was killed and about 50 wounded when a bomb exploded at 3 p.m. across the street from the ...
One woman was killed and about 50 wounded when a bomb exploded at 3 p.m. across the street from the Jerusalem Convention Center. The bomb exploded at a crowded bus stop next to Egged city bus #74. Police say the explosion was caused by a bomb placed at a telephone booth near the bus stop. The victims had been standing at the bus stop or nearby when the device exploded.
Moshe Milner/GPO flickr
Stay conscious about sleeping: Health risks and misconceptions (Includes interview) by Vincent Sobotka
Sacrificing sleep for other priorities is a common practice but one which causes serious harm. Anyone sleeping seven to nine hours on a daily basis and wonder why they still feel faint, unfocused, anxious or irritable may have an undetected disorder.
'Supermoon' provides rare spectacle for 7 billion people (Includes first-hand account) by Andrew Moran
Professional and amateur stargazers gathered in empty spaces around the globe to watch the moon light up the sky Saturday night. The Earth's guardian appeared approximately 14 percent bigger and more than 30 percent brighter.
So, do we kill Gaddafi or not? by Michael Cosgrove
There has been much discussion this last couple of days following remarks made by various senior western politicians...
I am Sorry Mr. Davis by Asad Ur Rehman
I am sorry Mr. Davis for all the mishaps happened with you in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan...
Having teeth checked by one of the judges.
Having teeth checked by one of the judges.
Celtic team during AfroCeltic Dance Party at the Stadium Club  Edgewater Casino  Vancouver - Boris F...
Celtic team during AfroCeltic Dance Party at the Stadium Club, Edgewater Casino, Vancouver - Boris Favre (bass), Boris Sichon (multi-instrumentalist), Amy Stephen (accordion, flute) and Stephanie Cadman (violin, dance).

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Top Digital Journal Reports

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il sends $500,000 in aid to Japan (Includes interview) by Andrew Moran
The North Korean government has donated $500,000 to the earthquake ravaged nation of Japan. Leader Kim Jong-Il sent the large sum of money to aid the Korean expatriates who are currently affected by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami.
Op-Ed: 'Yonge Street: Toronto Rock and Roll Stories' debuts tonight (Includes first-hand account) by Bryen Dunn
From hipsters to historians, all eyes will be focused on the television over the next three nights, just as if it were the pre-internet 1950’s and 60’s again, as Yonge Street: Toronto Rock and Roll Stories premieres on Bravo this evening.
BC: Academics comment on Clark minimum wage increases (Includes interview) by Gibril Koroma
A few days ago, Christy Clark, British Columbia's new Premier, announced the province's hourly minimum wage rate will rise to $ 10.25 in 2012 to match that of Ontario. Several experts weight in on the decision.

Top Images

One of the highest points in Machu Picchu was used as a guard post to defend the citadel against ene...
One of the highest points in Machu Picchu was used as a guard post to defend the citadel against enemies.
View of the mountains and down towards the Urubamba Valley from Machu Picchu.
View of the mountains and down towards the Urubamba Valley from Machu Picchu.

In the Media

Canada's Harper government falls on non-confidence vote by Richard Mccallum
For first time in Canadian history the minority Harper Government has been found in contempt of Parliament.
Allies announce bombing of Libya by Ryan Mahon
A coalition of European, Arab and American nations warned Qaddafi to adhere to a cease fire. On Saturday, as he ignored those warnings, Allies meeting in Paris announced that bombings would begin within hours.
A Tomahawk missile launched. More than 100 missiles were targeted at Libya s air-defense installatio...
A Tomahawk missile launched. More than 100 missiles were targeted at Libya's air-defense installations.
Fireman Roderick Eubanks / U.S. Navy
Mathematicians say religion heading toward extinction by Kevin Jess
A recent study conducted by a group of mathematicians using census data suggests that organized religion is heading for extinction in nine western democracies.
Toronto Councillor proposes red-light district on city's Island by Andrew Moran
A proposal is being labelled as "Brothel Island," after Ward 7 York West Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti put forth the idea that Toronto Island is the best place to centralize prostitution. Should the summer hangout be a red-light district?
Woman arrested with 50 bags of heroin in vagina by KJ Mullins
When Karin Mackaliunas crashed her car Sunday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania the accident was the least of her worries. Inside her body she was packing 50 bags of heroin all located within her vagina.
Pastor Terry Jones of Florida
Pastor Terry Jones of Florida
Dove World Outreach Centre
Florida pastor Terry Jones burns Koran after mock trial by David Silverberg
After threatening to torch the Muslim holy book on September 11, Florida pastor Terry Jones followed through on his promise recently by burning the Koran after a "trial" found the book guilty of crimes against humanity.
Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize by Joseph E Lovell
The Bolivian President and a Russian political leader have launched a campaign to revoke Obama's honour after the US attacked Libya.
(Ed Note: This article was one of Digital Journal's most popular articles in 2011. It was featured on the well-known sites DrudgeReport, Reddit and Fox News)
Kucinich: Obama could be impeached over Libya action by Michael Krebs
President Obama faced increased scrutiny on the war in Libya over the weekend, with voices in his own political party expressing outrage over the military action. Ohio Rep Dennis Kucinich said the recent U.S. missiles attacks should be impeachable.
NASA releases video to counter 'super moon' catastrophe worries by Michael Krebs
To counter rising internet speculation that a 'super moon' can cause widespread natural disasters, NASA distributed a video on the orbital phenomenon.
Charlie Sheen lands in Toronto April 14, Vancouver on May 3 by Bryen Dunn
Charlie Sheen is going on tour, and he's making sure Canada is part of this as well, with one date in Toronto and one in Vancouver. His "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option Show" drops down in less than a month.
Charlie Sheen  star of  Two and a half Men
Charlie Sheen, star of "Two and a half Men"

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Japan has put the whining whimpering West to shame by Michael Cosgrove
If you believe the western media speil, the whole planet is on the brink of nuclear pollution on a massive scale and we...
"You can't fix stupid" by Kim I. Hartman
This cake was ordered from Walmart for a friend who was moving. The conversation went something like this:...
A mother's nagging fear by Joie Maccarone
It starts the moment she learns she’s going to have a baby...
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