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article imageFather turns in his own teenagers for bullying attack

By Kim I. Hartman     Mar 19, 2011 in Crime
Ipswich - An Australian father is being applauded by listeners to a local radio station after he told the radio talk show hosts that he was so angry when he caught his teenagers beating up a fellow student that he personally drove them to the police station.
"The father, known only as Matt, told Brisbane radio station 97.3FM he witnessed his 17-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter bashing a 13-year-old boy, because he wore glasses," reports The Sidney Morning Herald.
The radio station was sponsoring a bullying awareness week in conjunction with Kidscape's "Say No to Bullying" campaign when Matt called in to share his story.
Matt said he was the victim of childhood bullying himself. ‘‘I got bullied to the point ... where I stopped wearing glasses. It’s now affected my eye sight. I can only drive in daylight hours,’’ he said.
A few weeks ago, Matt said he was told by school officials that his two children were bullying another child. He was so irritated by the news that he set out to find the truth after his kids had repeatedly denied the accusation.
Matt said:
‘‘Yesterday afternoon I’m on my way home ... come ‘round the corner three streets from home [and] there’s my 17-year-old son and my 15-year-old daughter and they are fair beating the living crap out of this kid,’’ he said.
‘‘I pulled up, I damaged the car [as] I put the car up the gutter. I grabbed a hold of both of them, threw them in the back of the car, got the young kid that they were beating up ... took him home to his parents [and] marched both my kids into the local police station.
‘‘They have both now been charged with assault.’’
Matt said the parents of the boy who was beaten called him the same evening and told him their son's jaw was broken during the assault. He admitted the children have not spoken to him since the incident. Matt said he told them he and his wife would stand behind the parents of the teen they had beaten if they decided to pursue the charges.
"The officer in charge of Ipswich police station, Senior Sergeant Laurie Shevlin, said he could not confirm the father’s version of events," according to the report by The Sidney Morning Herald.
The radio talk show hosts Robin and Terry said they admired and respected him for what he had done. Admitting that they weren't sure if they could do the same thing if they were in his place.
The father said he had taken his son's car and his daughter's horse away from them and they would be sold immediately as part of their punishment.
A few days later the radio station followed up with Matt and he said his children were now remorseful for the incident and understood how wrong it was. They both wanted the proceeds from the sale of the horse and car to be given to the parents of the child they injured.
When asked what he thought now about the consequences of turning his kids in to the police, he said: ‘‘I will admit it was a hard thing to do to take my kids to a police station. If I had to do it again, I don’t think I could.’’
He said the attack on the boy was unprovoked and unwarranted and he knew had done the right thing. "There was no excuse for what they did."
‘‘In my house there is a saying; if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime,’’ he said.
The teenagers are scheduled to appear in court April 26.
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