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article imageSpring cleaning the green way

By Christine Stoesser     Mar 9, 2011 in Environment
Toronto - Spring, arguably the most beautiful season of the year, is just around the corner. Read these three easy tips on how to green your spring cleaning routine!
For many anticipating the end of the winter season in Toronto, the spring season just ahead is a promise of change and fresh outlooks. The dissolution of a bad romance, the shedding of extra pounds or a commitment to donating some time to volunteer work--these are all examples of the positive adjustments a change of season can bring.
Spring has traditionally been a time of rebirth, of renewal, hence ‘spring cleaning’, AKA scrubbing away the dirt, grime and the lethargy of winter in exchange for the energy of growth.
So, keeping in the spirit of spring, wouldn’t it be great if every Torontonian took the time to assess their carbon footprint and think about taking action to lessen their consumption? As the green industry gradually grows stronger, more and more green options are becoming available to the average person. Here are three easy ways to lessen the impact of your carbon imprint.
Rechargeable Batteries
It’s common sense—quality over quantity. There’s no excuse for buying the same old disposable batteries which leak acid into the Earth after they’ve been sent to the dump. These days you can find rechargeable batteries from AAAs to even a rechargeable silicone battery! With the convenience of recharging and reusing batteries, plus the money you’ll save over time, rechargeable batteries are the smart choice economically—and environmentally.
Solar Installers
Scientists agree the sun should last another 4.5 billion years—it’s time to harness that energy! With the onset of programs such as Ontario microFIT, a progressive step by the Ontario government to produce clean, solar-powered energy by having homeowners install solar power systems on their rooftops and then harvesting this power into a provincial energy bank. With opportunities to earn money by participating in Ontario microFIT, this is an option every homeowner in Ontario should be considering.
Organic Lawn Care
You are what you eat—and what you eat grows or feeds on the land. Toronto has come a long way since its banning of pesticide use in 2002. Now, organic lawn care is possible with 100% zero emissions. You can purchase organic fertilizer and organic weed and pest control solutions, and you can hire a grass cutting company to cut your lawn using solar-powered mowers.
These suggestions are just the beginning in a new era of green innovation. This spring, do your part for your immediate environment: buy local, plant a tree or have a home energy assessment. Summer’s coming!
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