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Man who beat and robbed blind man gets prison term

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Mar 4, 2011 in Crime
Mount Clemens, Michigan - A legally blind man was beaten and robbed of $600 in August 2010. David Anderson a 23-year-old was sentenced to 5 to 15 years with a minimum of 5 years in prison.
Last summer Dan Perron a 50-year-old legally blind man was beaten and robbed of part of his disability check as reported on Digital Journal by Laura Trowbridge.
After cashing his check he stopped at a party store and got a money order for his rent. On his way home he was attacked by a group of males. He was then beaten and robbed of his remaining $600.
Parron said at the time, "They were kicking and hitting me and they tried to turn me upside down so they could get into my pockets. They knocked my glasses off and kept cussing at me.
One guy kept saying to the other guy ... 'No m----f---, it's in the other pocket,' so I think they saw me at the store with some money."
In December Anderson pleaded no contest to charges of unarmed robbery and aggravated assault. His teenage brother who was also involved was charged through juvenile court after pleading according to Macomb County Sheriff Tony Wickersham. Three other men were questioned but were not charged.
At the hearing Anderson said he never beat Perron he only told the other ones there where his money was to get them to stop beating the blind man.
As reported in Anderson told Judge Peter J. Maceroni of Macomb County Circuit, “I did tell them where the money was, to keep him from taking any more assault than he took. My intentions in the matter were not to rob him or partake in the situation. Other than that, I apologize to Mr. Perron for what he had to go through.”
Judge Maceroni was doubtful of that statement as he replied, “Mr Anderson, I appreciate what you’re telling me. But if that is a true statement, then it belies the fact that you entered no contest pleas to these two charges. This court reviewed the information supplied to the court and found the elements to these two crimes have been met.To pick on somebody who is helpless, there is no defense to that.” reports Perron said, "I don't want to see this happen to me or anybody else. I want to see him turn his life around."
Perron was at the hearing along with his parents and siblings said, “I think that the judge was fair with what he gave. I still get nightmares about the robbery, and I still get scared when there’s groups of people, sometimes, kids and stuff."
Besides the prison sentence Anderson has been ordered to pay Perron $640 restitution.
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