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'Miracle' baby brought back to life and chilled for 3 days

By Kimberley Pollock     Mar 3, 2011 in Health
A UK mother is campaigning for a cutting-edge procedure that saved her near dead baby's life to be more widely available.
The British media have today reported a baby girl who was born without a heart beat after a traumatic birth has amazingly survived because her doctors chilled her for three days.
Baby Ella Anderson was not breathing when born nine months ago in a British hospital. She had bled to a point of near death in her mother's womb because of a complication that caused the placenta to rupture.
Doctors worked for 25 minutes to revive Ella but feared the length of time and lack of oxygen might lead to crippling brain damage. A quick decision was made and Ella was transferred to Addenbrookes Hospital for cutting edge treatment.
UK Metro newspaper reports Ella was then wrapped in a cooling blanket to bring her temperature down from a normal 37C to 33.5C. Her father, Jason Anderson, said she was "ice-cold to the touch."
The technique works by slowing down the metabolism of the brain to below the level at which hypothermia occurs. This eases any swelling of the brain, enabling it to repair itself.
After three days, Ella was slowly warmed back to a normal temperature and eight days after that was allowed to go home with her grateful parents.
Metro reports Ella is now nine months old and so far, all scans have shown no brain abnormalities.
In a YahooNews report Ella's mum, Rachel Claxton said, "We still can't be sure of the future, or what problems she might face, but so far she's gone from strength to strength."
Rachel is telling their story now to campaign for the technology to be more widely available on the National Health Service. Rachel said, "She's our little miracle and every day she gives us new hope."
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