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article imageOp-Ed: Comic Book Review of the JSA All-Stars #15

By Jason Andrews     Feb 25, 2011 in Entertainment
The search for their missing comrades begins for the JSA-All Stars, starting with a fight with the Puzzlemen. This installment is brought to you by: Writer: Matthew Sturges; Artist: Freddie Williams II; and Published by DC Comics on February 2011.
Now were in the hell is Power Girl, Commander Steel, and Wildcat (well, I think that his name is Wildcat)? Hell? No – limbo – a location that they where all transported to last issue. But alas, the rest of the JSA All-Stars’ don’t know about this, all they know is that they have a need within them to find they’re colleges, and prudently they use this emotion to formulate a plan – based upon historical knowledge – and then direct it at the root of this problem, Pemberton. Fortunately this plan coincides with Hourman’s surveillance of ‘one of those toothy b*st*rds’ (from last issue), and together, the All-Stars attack the location that Hourman has discovered. However, in attendance at this lo-cal are the 18th century primordial beats, the Puzzlemen, whom defend Pemberton and the ‘toothy b*st*rds’, repelling the All-Stars attack. Meanwhile, Roxy (the JSA computer gal) figures out a clue that the Future Hourman gave her previously, prompting her to fuse herself into Pemberton’s comatose daughter. To be continued.
Hmmm? Intriguing. Quick... but intriguing. Thoe if I was to be more honest about this issue of JSA All-Stars, I would have to say that in retrospect, it was more quick than intriguing. Now do not get me wrong, I really liked this issue. It is just that the overall pace of it was hindered slightly due to the shorter page count and the usage of superfluous splash pages. Still, overall, a story has been told, and a development within the current story arc has progressed slightly along the path less travelled... only slightly mind you. Another thing with needs to be addressed with the JSA All-Stars, is the current roster, and the time given to each of them per issue. I can understand that it must be difficult for Mr Sturges to give each and every one of his cast a moment to shine. But it’s starting to become apparent that he favours some characters (Cyclone, Roxy, Power Girl, and Commander Steel) more than others (I don’t even know if ‘Wildcat’ is ‘Wildcats’ name or not?). Please try and address this issue good sir, as it is greatly needed to make this book from a good sold book, to a great magical book. And while I am on the subject of magic, why is it that in every issue, that the JSA has to battle a magically based foe? Hmmm? Mr (Fables) Sturges I presume! Try some variations please kind sir, just as I would like Mr (Robin) Williams II to vary the quantity of oversized splash pages. Sorry for sounding so negative people, it is just that these issues will help this book immensely.
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