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article imageOp-Ed: Comic Book Review of Secret Six #29

By Jason Andrews     Feb 25, 2011 in Entertainment
A Secret Six / Doom Patrol cross-over involving a battle in Oolang Island, a laugh in a whorehouse, and a misguided youth. This instalment is brought to you by Writer: Gail Simone; Artist: Jim Calafiore; and Published by DC Comics in Febuary 2011.
Twenty-one years of age – his parents have just ordered him to leave home – and with no direction in his life, sandy haired Kevin does not have a care in the world. He does not care about a date that Scandal Savage arranges for Bane a week or so later, between him and a prostitute. He does not even care about the Doom Patrols skirmish with a mutated sea bass, within the shores of Oolang Island either. No – no – no, Kevin only starts to care again when his dead grandfather, a member of the organised crime syndicate called the 100, gives Kevin his girls, his gun, and his fortune, with the proviso that he will venture into the family business. So with no time to spare, Kevin kill’s his stepfather, amalgamates his old D&D pals into his gang, and hires the Secret Six, with the intention of overpowering the residence of Oolang Island, so he can use their volcano as a base. Obviously, this set’s up a conflict between the home team of the Island, the Doom Patrol, and the Secret Six, a conflict that starts to grow full blown until the volcano goes.... BOOOOOM!
If a word could encapsulate how I felt after reading this issue of Secret Six, that word would be ‘fatumpch’. OK, I am sure that you are wondering what this word means? And to be completely honest with you, I don’t know either! But ‘fatumpch’ signifies to me an old episode of the British sit-com, the ‘Young Ones’, when times were less hectic and blogs where left floating in the toilette bowl. Now what I mean by this is that I LOVED THIS ISSUE! Normally an obligatory crossover is just that – obligatory – with a stale set up laid out for the two opposing parties to meet, and then do battle. However, in this case, there is nothing stale about it. Simone has written a very enjoyable issue, lying down a framework that on some level does seem contrived, but in the same vein is fun to boot, BOING! Every character, even the protagonist Kevin, is given some time to shine in the spotlight, making whatever obligatory requirements diminish because character is shown. I wonder if Keith Giffen, the writer who will take over this storyline in the pages of Doom Patrol, had a part to play in writing this issue? As on occasion, Simone does seem to channel his spirit in both dialogue and charm. Thoe, this is not to say that Simone is not a good writer, oh no, or that her partner in crime, Jim Calafiore, isn’t a good artist either! Because they have both elevated this initial chapter of a two-part crossover, to heights that I was not really expecting, BRAVO! Now Keith, it is over to you for part two (Hey, that rhymes).
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