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article imageOp-Ed: Interview with news reporter and YouTube sensation Isiah Carey Special

By Matt Harding     Feb 23, 2011 in Internet
Isiah Carey—known on YouTube as "Reporter Turns Ghetto in 3 seconds"—is much more than his YouTube name. He's a news reporter who is making a difference in Houston, Texas every single day.
Admittedly, the first time I saw Isiah Carey was on YouTube as "Reporter Turns Ghetto in 3 seconds." I was searching television bloopers and came across the video (below), now just a few hundred thousand away from nine million views.
I laughed my head off! He seemed like a genuinely funny guy, even if he wasn't trying to be. I absolutely had to know more about Carey. I Googled him and also added him on Facebook.
Since then, I've gotten to know the real Isiah Carey, less formally known as IC. He is a television reporter for KRIV-TV (Fox 26) in Houston. His posts on Facebook are sometimes humorous, but mostly he talks about news-worthy issues important to his Houston community. His blog aims at keeping the citizens informed about their community.
In my short, impromptu e-mail interview with him, Carey shared his views on his own life, including that famed YouTube video.
1. Your famed YouTube video has nearly 9 million hits. Has that type of notoriety been a positive on your journalism career or not?
It hasn't hurt me. It's done the exact opposite. It has brought many more potential viewers and Facebook friends from all over the world.
2. You've received an Emmy, amongst other awards. Would the Emmy be your biggest achievement in journalism? Or, would you say something else?
Biggest achievement in journalism was when I was able to get the district attorney to drop criminal charges against a grandfather who was simply trying to protect his grandkids. He was accused of shooting two dogs. He was arrested and indicted. But after my report explaining why—because the pit bulls were going after his grandkids—they dropped all charges. I was honored with a citation from the University of Houston.
3. June 23, 2009, was "Isiah Carey Day" in Houston. What does this kind of an honor mean to you?
It means the city recognized me for my efforts in exposing the truth in the community. In this particular instance it was the plight of the homeless. It's a huge honor and the day is officially registered with the city.
4. As a humorous person, would you rather be known for your humorous stories or more serious ones?
I think I'd prefer the serious stories where I make a difference in people's lives. I like giving a voice—no, a bullhorn— to those who are voiceless. That's most rewarding as a journalist.
5. Who is the most fascinating person you've ever met on assignment?
I've met so many people, no one sticks out. I'm still on that quest.
6. Has Houston been your favorite place to work?
Houston is #1 but Little Rock is a strong #2. I enjoyed working there. It's where that YouTube video happened...despite my claim it was a country town.
7. Was it always your aspiration to work in journalism? If not, what were your other career choices?
It was always my goal to be a journalist. I began shadowing in the newsroom when I was in the third grade and haven't left since. It's all I've ever wanted to do.
8. What would you say to the people who only know you for that YouTube video?
There's much more to me than that foul mouth...And I love country towns—that was taken out of context I tell ya—Wink wink!
Now you know the real Isiah Carey. As evidenced by his last response, his sense of humor remains intact while being one of the best reporters in one of America's largest cities. He is a prime example in regards to the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" — or, a man by his YouTube video.
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