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article imageOp-Ed: Leave our kids' brains alone!

By Vlad Bourceanu     Feb 22, 2011 in Science
"Intervention" on certain kids' brains as young as 3 years old can stop them becoming potential criminals, a Pennsylvania doctor claims.
A chilling story has come to my attention.
Dr. Raine, a former Home Office scientist now at University of Pennsylvania, US, is putting forward the theory that criminality can be traced into kids’ brains, kids as young as three.
No, you’re not reading this wrong.
The esteemed doctor is even putting forward the frankly cretinous, in my view, idea that medical intervention should be considered on kids that, according to his theory, exhibit such supposed “malfunctions” of the brain as he suggests – kids as young as THREE years of age.
I don’t know where to start, but I’ll tell you one thing – if the esteemed doctor came after MY three-year-old kid, labeled him or her a potential criminal at THAT age and wanted to proceed with an “intervention” on him, well, you can imagine the unprintable rest that would certainly follow.
Doctors these days have been given increasing leeway by the law to play God in people’s lives in the name of science. Nowhere is this seen more than in the psychiatrical and psychological professions. However, from that to this is, even by their standards, a leap across the Rubicon. Let’s stop these criminals while it is still possible, by being alert, informed and aware as to the criminal pile of dung they are peddling in the name of science, and for only they know what chilling end.
Dr. Raine? NOT IN MY NAME.
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