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article imageOp-Ed: Reviewing comic book Daredevil: Reborn #1

By Jason Andrews     Feb 18, 2011 in Entertainment
The devil is returned from the events of shadowlands. But where has he returned to? Below is a review of Daredevil: Reborn #1, written by Andy Diggle, with art by David Gianfelice. Costing $4, it was released in February 2011.
Many miles along the road, Mat Murdock walks over railroad tracks and over sandy plains, just to reach this off beat old town situated somewhere in New Mexico. However, as soon as he arrives at this lo-cal, just to pass through it to venture somewhere else, his presence is barley tolerated. Obviously, something is strangely amiss in this town, a fact that Mat gleans from initially while speaking to a blind little boy outside a dinner, and subsequently when a bunch of hooligans show up, and beat-him up for no apparent reason. Thankfully, this attack is halted by the towns Sheriff, whom takes Mat to the edge of town, so that he can continue his travels elsewhere. But once the Sheriff goes back to his police station, he recognises that Mat is a wanted man – and a superhero called daredevil no less– and orders his deputies to go and ‘get him’. The deputies eventually meet up with Mat again when Mat discovers a pit full of bones deep within a crevice – the deputies try to run him over – Mat is on the attack... to be continued.
I like this issue, I really do. Even though minimalist in tone, and rustic in content, it strips back Mat Murdock to the essence of his character – a man that is off centre in the world that he lives in. I find that the pretext reminds me of an old nineteen-seventy’s road movie, in which the main protagonist finds’ himself in a strange looking town and presented with strange looking people – apt for Mat at this certain point in time. As not only does this barren landscape allow Mat to commence his new journey, it also gives him a platform to define who is and what he stands for. Mat is a character that has adventure in his heart and justice in his veins, and obviously, a great injustice has been committed in this small town – one that I am sure Mat will expose in upcoming issues. In essence, Diggle’s script and Gianfelice’s pencils elevates this mini-series to a pertinent level, without even touching on the whole ‘Shadowland saga’. Rather, they make it a self-contained story with a confident approach. Please continue the motion my friends... I want to see what Mat unfortunately cannot (no pun intended).
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