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article imageWhat the Iraq war logs have revealed

By Andre C James     Feb 14, 2011 in World
109,032 deaths (66,081 civilians). 176,382 wounded (99,163 civilians). 24,764 air strikes including 1,684 Hellfire missile strikes. These are just some of the figures to have come out of the war logs, the biggest top secret document leak in history.
Civilian casualties
According to the war logs the actual civilian casualties are far greater than the official number provided by the US Military.
At least 122,000 civilians were killed during the US-led occupation of Iraq, 15,000 more than previously thought. The civilian toll accounts for 80 per cent of all deaths in the Iraq conflict.
Following the release of the US military war logs, the civilian death toll has risen from 107,000 to 122,000, according to Iraq Body Count an independant body set up to monitor war time civilian deaths.
Torture and deaths of detainees
Prior to the leaked war logs, scandal broke worldwide when pictures of prisoners being tortured by US troops at Abu Ghraib prison were published in the media. Male prisoners were stripped naked and hooded, forced to simulate sex acts with each other, some were shocked with electrical devices, water boarded, forced into body stress positions and simulations of execution. This continued unabated with 303 allegations reported after the Abu Ghraib incident.
The US military failed to act on accounts by ground forces of the torture of prisoners by the Iraqi Authority, with hundreds dying in detention while being held without charge or trial.
The detainee stated that after he was flex-cuffed, one person sat on his chest and another on his legs … the person punched him in the back of the head, picked up his head and slapped him, and put a plastic pipe in his mouth … The persons conducting the questioning also kicked him on the sides of his body … after this the persons put a bag over his head…
The medic concluded that the detainee did have injuries to his back that were consistent with abuse. A statement was taken from the detainee. Pictures were taken to document the abuse.
- Log: July 11 2006
Approx 95 x detainees were being held in 1 x room and were sitting cross-legged with blindfolds, all facing the same direction. According to one of the detainees questioned on site, 12 X detainees have died of disease in recent weeks.
- Log: November 13 2005
Detainee stated that he was beaten during questioning, he was bound by the hands and feet and hung upside down and the Iraqi Army hit him with a club and was hung from the ceiling of the building he was in by his arms...During in-processing.
- Log: November 2 2006
Paramilitary groups contracted by the US Military
On September 16, 2007 the private security firm, Blackwater, opened fire on unarmed civilians at Nisour Square in Baghdad resulting in the deaths of 17 civilians and wounding 18 others including a 9 year old boy.
The war logs contain at least 10 other incidents of Blackwater employees opening fire on unarmed civilians.
Up until September 2009, Blackwater was immune from prosecution for any death or damages caused either directly or indirectly by its actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Despite assurances by the US Military to cease its contract with Blackwater after revelations of Blackwater's involvement in multiple civilian deaths, the contract has in fact been extended and Blackwater rebranded “Xe Services”.
Al Qaeda
The first 3 years of the war logs hardly mentions al Qaeda at all. There are a total of 12,570 reports of al Qaeda in Iraq, with only 7 reports from the start of the war up to 2004 and then 8,208 reports in the four years to follow.
This can be attributed to early references in the war logs to “insurgents”, “ACF” (Anti Coalition Forces), “AIF” (Anti Iraq Forces) and “Mujahideen” which later took on the form of or was attributed to “al Qaeda”.
The first 3 years of the war logs deal more with the factional war between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims with the Sunni’s being supplied with arms by the US. Why did the US purposefully arm one faction against the other?
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