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article imageOp-Ed: Rihanna 'rapped' again by Eminem and Dr. Dre tonight

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 13, 2011 in Entertainment
Eminem’s trading rap with an aggressive performance by Dr. Dre, who moved around Rihanna, in this critic’s view made a night of great performances diminished by what seemed to be simulated quarrels, fights and verbal violence. Have we had enough?
That spitting style of Eminem some folks might enjoy, in watching his movement up the ranks to be one of the country’s best known rappers, but not this critic in the venue where he entertained tonight. He certainly had his style tonight, fast and furious, hands and fists that beat the air as if he’d hit a woman. The number of bleeps as he rapped around revealed just how masterful his vulgar words could be.
Here was Rihanna, with her quality voice and beauty, as the angry, hostile rapping brought back to some folks images that most folks would wonder why she would endure them on a stage. Dr. Dre’s fighting style only added to the images one associates with abuse that women complain about.
After all it was just two years ago Rihanna was said to have been bitten and beaten by her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown. After that she made the round of talk shows, as the symbol of abuse.
Tonight’s performance put her center stage, in what was a tribute to what some might see as an abusive music style, at least as it was displayed tonight with Eminem and Dr. Dre with Rihanna in the mix. One wonders if Rihanna stays a victim and hasn’t fully recovered from her dependent, masochistic ways in having the rap of abuse again in full performance at the Grammy’s Sunday night.
Eminem's album "Recovery" won the Grammy Award for Rap Album of the Year.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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