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article imageOp-Ed: George W. Bush Switzerland trip cancellation and 9/11 legacy

By William Charles Baker     Feb 8, 2011 in World
New York - George W. Bush recently cancelled a trip to Switzerland because of potential legal action. How easy it is to forget yesterday when you are standing in today.
The DigitalJournal reported: “George W. Bush Switzerland visit cancelled over legal issues”
The 9/11 attack will remain a turning point in international policy for the United States. However for the sake of the future the term twin towers might be more appropriate. Numerology and historical dates often meld over the years but the combination of words seems to hold up much better. If you were there on the day that the towers fell, as I was, you would understand the emotions.
Amid the dust and wind storms that blew across lower Manhattan in New York City were the tears amalgamated with the fear. That it was possibly the end of a life and a family and a country and politicians were remote from consideration. Only the military could save the nation and in the surprise attack who was behind the movements of our forces. Certainly not a leadership mired in healthcare reform and to stagnant to move. Say what you want about George W. Bush and the bricks that have been thrown at him over the years but history will accord him his just due.
The DigitalJournal reported: “Opinion: Looking back at 9/11 and those who Jumped from the towers”
Now in retrospect while we are safe for a day and the system has worked it is time to investigate the decision makers. When you are in full retreat there is only time for heroes. Lauded today and criticized tomorrow and the ones that make the decisions have to live with that reality. Please don’t tell me about George W. Bush as a man or a president. If he got bad advice as we all do sometimes he had to act. Now the parliamentarians sit around and debate the reconciliation process and what to have for lunch and want to blame everything on George W. Bush. Who would you rather have at the wheel if it happened again to another twin towers?
So it is our nation and our city and we look without instead of within. The landscape has changed by the devastation and in spite of the loss we rebuild. Some probably deep in the sacred ground who had no beef with anyone and only wanted to take care of their families. Soldiers killed in a new kind of war by an enemy dedicated to their cause. Those willing to fly an aircraft into a building for grievances that exceed our capacity to understand and you must remember their sacrifice.
They have exceeded a civilized capacity for us to understand how it could happen but still you must remember their sacrifice. If you remember their sacrifice then you must remember George W. Bush not a campaign speech or teleprompter highlight for the evening news. He did his job and now it is time for all the criticism to fade away. If there was debt there is debt now and always will be. If there was questionable ethics there is now and there always will be. If there were wars then there are wars now and always will be. If you are looking for someone to blame for everything please don’t mention George W. Bush.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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