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Op-Ed: What happened to mobile phones video sharing?

By David Stephen     Feb 1, 2011 in Technology
Amid escalating growth in the tech industry, there seem not be a technology that enables two mobile phone users connectively watch a video simultaneously on their phones.
What do I mean? A man has a video on his phone, and he wants to watch that video at the same time with his friend, lets say a woman who does not have the video on her phone.
Using a software installed on his phone, the man invites the woman via the Internet to watch the video with him, when she accepts, they watch the video at the same time severally on their phones. Anything can prompt them to decide to see a video simultaneously, they may want to create memories in their relationship by seeing songs of interest; another set of persons may use this technology to share information of interest.
This is different from podcast, video calling or watching a video directly from a phone gallery or from a website; this is multimedia file sharing without permanent file transfer.
There are telecommunication technologies that can render this, especially those related to Voice Over Internet Protocol. Developing this technology can also have other type of multimedia files shared between phone users such as audio and pictures files.
Some of these are excerpts from Video Sharing For Mobile Phones my article proposing a technology that phone users can use to share videos on their mobile through a software installed on the initiators phone. The article hints an additional feature to multimedia applications in mobile phones. I suggested using a software to initiate, a wapsite too will do; this feature may also be extended to PC's for IM and web applications.
The technology seem to be interesting with some peculiar come-along to the tech industry, since videos can be watched without placing a call, it will be useful to share moments for people who are distance apart; first hand information where one of the users is around the scene of an event. This technology will also be an added feature for phone manufacturers that provides end users IM feature, those having a chat can watch a video together and talk about it immediately after watching it.
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