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article imageOp-Ed: Artificial Recovery of The Ozone Hole

By David Stephen     Feb 1, 2011 in Environment
The overall process by which the Ozone Layer protects planet Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiations shows that depleted parts of the ozone hole can be replaced artificially. Part of the process is what this opinion news article seek to explain.
NASA Earth Observatory released images showing Ozone Hole through the years on February 1, 2011. Writings accompanying the images present the 2010 report of science advisers to the Montreal Protocol stating that the protocol has protected the ozone layer from higher level of depletion. The images show changes in the thickness of the ozone hole over the years in terms of recovery and stability.
The Ozone layer can be described as a space containing ozone gas predominant in an upper part of the atmosphere called the stratosphere. The layer helps to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the Earth Surface. The ozone layer is crucial to life on planet Earth.
From the knowledge of chemistry, reactive substances are usually in form of solid, liquid or gas which implies that most substances in any of these forms are liable to react with substances alike. Ozone gas can react with several other substances forming products differing in physical and chemical properties from reacting substances; some substances called ozone depleting substances can react with ozone gas and deplete the ozone layer.
Examples of ozone depleting substances are chlorofluorocarbons used for refrigerants and aerosol spray cans, some of these substances escape to the stratosphere where they react with ozone gas forming compounds that cannot prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the Earth surface.
This is dangerous for man and his environment, which prompted governments to agree to reduce the use of these substances in late 1980's. The agreement is called the Montreal Protocol aimed at phasing out ozone depleting substances.
It has however been predicted that full recovery of the Ozone layer is expected in the middle of the 21st Century. After careful study of the process by which the ozone layer protects planet Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays, I developed an article that suggests possible recovery of the ozone hole artificially. Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun and oxygen gas are involved in reactions leading to creation and destruction of ozone in the stratosphere, this process helps to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth surface.
Ozone Hole Recovery is an article that suggests using aerodynamic objects to deliver oxygen gas to depleted parts of the ozone layer at lower stratospheric altitude. Expected result will be seen as changes in thickness of the ozone layer. Further scientific and technical review will ensure the process delivers as expected if used in future.
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