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article imageOp-Ed: South Korea's Ki Sung-Yeung blames Scotland for 'racist' taunts

By Marc Roseblade     Jan 27, 2011 in Sports
Tokyo - Ki Sung-Yeung, the Glasgow Celtic South Korean footballer, has blamed Scottish fans for his perceived racist celebration following his goal for South Korea against Japan in Tuesday's Asian Cup semi-final.
The South Korean player has claimed his intention was in fact to highlight abuse in Scottish football.
Ki opened the scoring from the spot at Al Gharafa Stadium and celebrated by appearing to impersonate a monkey in an apparent derogatory reference to Japanese people that outraged sections of the country's media.
However, the Celtic midfielder revealed he was in fact trying to hit back against abuse suffered while playing in Scotland. Korea eventually lost on penalties to their regional rivals after the last-four encounter finished 2-2.
"The treatment he got from the Scottish league, especially in the away games, the people who made noises like the sound of the monkeys in Scotland when he played away games, that is something he wanted to highlight," a Korea Football Association spokesman said.
"Even though they call him a monkey as an Asian, he wanted to show how strong they are in Asia. That was the main intention."
As a Scotsman, I find this offensive that someone would say this about fans in this country. Now, I cannot speak for every single one of them but as I visit various stadia all over the country commentating on Scottish football matches, I feel I have the right to comment on this.
Over the past 12 months, I have been to over 150 Scottish football league matches and have NEVER heard a racist comment made to any player, regardless of his colour or race.
If he was caught doing something he shouldn't have, he should be a man about it, hold his hands up and apologise but what does he do, blame the Scottish fans. Scottish fans have their problems with abuse, most notably sectarianism within the old firm, but racism, no way man.
Never since the days of Mark Walters playing for Rangers back in the 80's have I heard a racist comment in Scotland and it irks me to hear someone saying that its rife in Scotland.
Hopefully his club will reprimand him over his comments but don't hold your breath but if the man has an ounce of sense, he will never set foot in Scotland ever again because the abuse will now follow him around the grounds in Scotland, not because of racism but because of who he blamed. He has now made a rod for his own back and when the monkey taunts are now directed to him, it won't be because of racism, it will be because he accused the Scottish fans of doing it to him.
Shame on you Ki Sung-Yeung, shame on you!
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