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article imageOp-Ed: Pacquiao vs Mosley on HBO or Showtime results the same

By William Charles Baker     Jan 25, 2011 in Sports
The news that the next Manny Pacquiao fight will be on Showtime Pay per View and not HBO Pay per View has added another dimension to the fight. It will not change anything when the eight time world champion enters the ring on May 7th in Las Vegas.
Maybe there will be different commentators and more or less hype. Maybe there will be no 24/7 as we know it but you can believe that when Pacquiao and Shane Mosley enter the ring nobody is going to care. There is no time for reflection during a war.
The abs-cbnnews reports: “Showtime, the television brand of US media giant CBS Corp., and not cable giant HBO, will broadcast the world welterweight title clash between boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosley.
Two champions in their own right out to prove the accolades were well deserved. Mosley is the quintessential boxer puncher. Fast and skilled with a resume of tough fights never having ducked anyone that would fight him. In his victory over Antonio Margarito he displayed the full range of gifts and at that point in his career perhaps reached the pinnacle of his success. Nobody perhaps but his camp and trainers expected a victory. The hand wrap scandal and discovery prior to the fight was blamed for throwing Margarito off but after his destruction by Pacquiao we now know better. Subsequent Mosley fights against Sergio Mora and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were disappointing with a draw and loss on decision. For the Pacquiao fight HBO or Showtime the results will be the same. The real Shane Mosley need show up not a ghost of himself. The DigitalJournal reports: “Opinion:The Ghost of Sugar Shane Mosley”.
Pacquiao the warrior ,whose southpaw style has proven to be the undoing of some gifted and once world champions, is on a roll and because he has not been unraveled yet it will probably continue. With quickness and footwork a term not often mentioned these days he is able by sheer movement to not only hit but avoid being hit. The recent litany of opponents with less than sterling current credentials but nevertheless good careers has continued to set the bar higher for his next fight. In Joshua Clottey, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito we have a trilogy of beat downs that would have been the same on HBO or Showtime. Maybe promoter Bob Arum has discovered something to keep the promotional express rolling along. Love or hate Manny Pacquiao you cannot deny his greatness. The DigitalJournal reports:”Opinion: Manny Pacquiao and the Insignificance of Eight World Titles”. The eight titles may come into question but that is the nature of boxing. There are enough paper titles around that you can report the truth but it is not going to make everybody happy.
HBO or Showtime somebody is going to win and at this point the only disclaimer is that we have a draw or disqualification which seems about as possible as abandoning sliced bread. So what do we have with one pay per view over the other? We have in the words of the previous U.S. presidential campaign “change”.
Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz has now adopted the familiar theme as the promotion continues to stir up controversy about the decision.
Fanhouse reports: “We've worked with HBO for many, many fights, and it's always great working with them. But, you know, sometimes change is good for everybody involved. So we're making that change and we're going on Showtime this time," said Koncz.”
Showtime the once popular boxing site is a change. For the fighters and with CBS backing, more publicity, more cash in return, more something that usually all boils down to money. We have a cadre of new guys calling the fights which may be not as bad as it seems. With HBO we have the usual crew that we have come to know over the past major fights. Announcer Jim Lampley with his constant posturing and home town cheering and adulation has become worse than a cheerleader in recent years. Spending time acting as expert commentator which is someone else’s job he gets involved in hooks and counter punching analysis often drowning out the experts at the table with him. Emanuel Steward who has vast ring experience as a trainer and years broadcasting his analysis seems often to fall asleep awaiting something from Lampley to bring out some opinion about the action in progress. When he comments it is usually not much more than the eye can see anyway. Larry Merchant the old sage who seems to see well into the action often seems more interested in if the fight satisfies him more than the people watching. Roy Jones Jr brings more action and freshness into the telecast than anyone since the departure of George Foreman. Hopefully Roy ends up with Showtime.
Regardless of all this neither pay per view will effect what happens in the ring. Don’t be shocked if after awhile old memories of other places and announcers will fade when the first punch is thrown and Showtime will become as acceptable as HBO and the money will continue to flow.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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