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article imageSatirical 'People for Corporate Tax Cuts' campaign launches Special

By Andrew Moran     Jan 22, 2011 in Business
Toronto - A new type of satirical campaign has been launched throughout various Toronto Transit Commission bus stops. The campaign called "People for Corporate Tax Cuts" takes a satirical slant at the government's economic policies.
During the summer, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that the provincial government will provide corporations a $2.4 billion income tax cut, which didn’t bode well with Ontarians – an August Angus Reid poll showed that 75 percent of Ontarians didn’t support the corporate tax cuts.
The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) held protests in December in 20 communities across the province, including Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, Windsor, Thunder Bay and other places in Ontario.
Since April, the organization has held small rallies outside of Liberal fundraisers and events: “When we ask people this question, we find they want the money spent on things that will benefit the public good, not on making rich corporations like the Royal Bank, Rogers and Imperial Oil even richer,” said Warren Thomas, OPSEU President.
Bus stop poster for the campaign  People for Corporate Tax Cuts.
Bus stop poster for the campaign "People for Corporate Tax Cuts."
In order to provide a simple message, a campaign launched this month, called “People for Corporate Tax Cuts,” takes a satirical shot at the McGuinty government’s decision to implement these tax cuts.
“As you may know, every household in Ontario will soon have to pay $500 as their share of the upcoming $2.4 billion corporate income tax cut,” said Nuella Warkworth, Preisdent, Chair, CEO and COO of People for Corporate Tax Cuts, in a video posted on YouTube. “I’m pleased to announce that People for Corporate Tax Cuts is here to help you do just that.”
The campaign posted four different posters at various TTC bus stops showing four different types of Ontarians, including one man lying on his sofa who is apparently sick and states: “I gave up health care to help pay for corporate tax cuts!”
Another poster shows a mother smiling in her home giving the thumbs up and says: “I took my kids out of school to pay for corporate tax cuts.” The third advertisement illustrates a man playing hockey with limited gear stating: “I sold my hockey gear to help pay for corporate tax cuts!”
The final placard just demonstrates an old person, also giving the thumbs up, but has apparently fallen: “I sold my walker to help pay for corporate tax cuts.”
Throughout the campaign’s website, it provides methods to “come up with $500 to pay your share.” Their suggestions? “Stop eating,” “Ask your parents,” “Walk to work,” “Get another job” and other techniques.
It notes that if you can’t come up with $500, then it comically urges you to recommend the Ontario government to cut public services, including colleges, prisons, sidewalk maintenance and others.
People for Corporate Tax Cuts
There is also a Facebook discussion page.
There are numerous free downloads to “support” People for Corporate Tax Cuts, including “Pay Your Share” songs, a membership card, for sale signs, the “official flower” and posters that write: “If you can read this, you can give $500 to corporate tax cuts.”
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