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article imageActress Veena Malik defends herself against clerics and media

By Ernest Dempsey     Jan 22, 2011 in Entertainment
Islamabad - Actress Veena Malik after returning to Pakistan defended herself against allegations of indecency and offensive performance in India. Veena said she was accountable to god and not to people.
Pakistani TV and film actress Veena Malik defended herself emphatically against a religious cleric as well as media, which had been slinging mud at her, while bursting into tears on TV last evening, January 21, 2011. Veena had been the target of criticism since her participation in the famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss (Season 4), for which she remained in India for three months.
In an interview on the Talk show Frontline, hosted by Kamran Sahid on the private TV channel Express News, Veena and a religious cleric were both invited to discuss whether Veena carried herself decently in the reality show. Well before that, while Veena was acting in the show, both Pakistani and Indian media had criticized her physical intimacy with Indian actor Ashmit Patel, also a performer on Bigg Boss 4. The cleric invited to the show had also condemned her in an earlier episode of Frontline, saying Veena had thrown both Pakistan and Islam’s name into quagmire.
On Frontline, clips of Veena’s intimate, or allegedly objectionable, moments with the housemates, particularly with Ashmit, were shown and then Veena and the cleric were invited to discuss whether Veena carried herself well as a representative of Pakistan and Islam in India, Pakistan’s traditional rival with a showbiz industry much bigger and successful than Pakistan’s.
On the show, the cleric again accused Veena of committing immoral acts, though he called her a sister and worth respect. A daring literally Veena burst into her defense by first clarifying that she was an entertainer and not a representative of the entire Pakistan or Islam. She reminded the cleric that accusing her was not an act of decency as well. As the cleric admitted that he personally had not seen the show and only heard from others that Veena was committing indecency, the actress reminded her that, being a Muslim man, he was bound by religion not to cast a second glance at her because that was not forbidden in Islam.
Veena also told the cleric that he comes from a community which rapes young children who come to learn at their religious schools. She said the cleric was targeting her only because she was a woman. She also reminded the cleric that she was accountable to god not to clerics.
Veena, bursting into tears, also condemned the Pakistani media for stirring controversy weaved around her reality show performance but pathetically failing in appreciating a single good thing that she has been doing for her country. The show ended with Veena wiping her tears off and the host explaining that the purpose of the show was to highlight a controversial issue of importance.
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