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article imageOp-Ed: Do homoeopaths truly treat cancer or is this a lie?

By Bart B. Van Bockstaele     Jan 19, 2011 in Health
Following the CBC Marketplace episode about homoeopathy, and the articles I wrote about it, I received a phone call and an e-mail to accuse the makers of Marketplace of manipulating the truth and to inform me that homoeopaths do not treat cancer.
Bryce Wylde, well-known homoeopath and popular presenter of CP24’s “Wylde on Health”, says clearly on Twitter that he does not “use homeopathy to treat cancer” and that he “does not buy into using homeopathy to PREVENT disease or treat cancer”. That seems straightforward enough. But it is not.
So, do homoeopaths treat cancer or don’t they? The short answer is that they do. In order to know that, I Googled the phrase “homeopathic cancer treatment”, and got 62,400 results. Googling “homeopathic cancer treatment” Toronto, got 5,080 results, the first of which was one of the three cancer treating homoeopath web sites Marketplace showed in its episode.
An argument could and has indeed been made that these sites are run by rogue homoeopaths who are not really considered homoeopaths by the homoeopathic community, but that would be wishful thinking.
Michèle Boisvert, a Québec pharmacist who is also peddling homoeopathic products, said on Bryce Wylde’s show of 21 November 2008:
Let’s say in Québec from what I know, the doctors need to prescribe the recommended treatment for such pathology. So, what does it leave homoeopathy to? Only to cancer. Which is not right.
In the introduction to his show of 21 May 2010 about “integrative cancer treatment”, Bryce Wylde says that homoeopathy is “of course” used to treat cancer. That said, unless I have missed it, homoeopathy is not mentioned for the rest of the show.
In other words, while Bryce Wylde denies using homoeopathy to treat cancer, and does not “buy into it”, he knows and confirms that it is being used to treat cancer by others.
This could still be nothing more than the individual opinion of a few rogue homoeopaths, so it would be nice to have a more authoritative source of information. Such sources exist.
There are two schools in Toronto that train homeopaths. What do they say about treating cancer? The Toronto School Of Homeopathic Medicine is quite clear about its ‘Post Graduate Homeopathic Program’:
Special components on the homeopathic treatment of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and animals are also included.
And in a document about the homoeopathic treatment of cancer:
Cancer is a disease which is chronic in nature. It is an imbalance of the Vital Force of subtle onset and gradual progression throughout which the Vital Fore offers unsatisfactory resistance. Since cancer is a chronic disease, it can be successfully treated and/or prevented by addressing the underlying energetic imbalance of the Vital Force.
The Ontario College Of Homeopathic Medicine, the school where Bryce Wylde learned his craft and is teaching, has far less information on its website but it also makes no secret about its position with respect to cancer:
Homeopathy treats the person, not the disease and therefore patients with all types of “conditions” including: colds, flus, skin problems, diabetes, hypertension, headaches, asthma, allergies, digestive problems, respiratory problems, constipation, colitis, sleeping difficulties, infertility, arthritis, cancer, anxiety, depression, autism and much more.
To return to the vitriolic comments I received: given the evidence I just provided, did Marketplace willfully misrepresent the homoeopaths by accusing them of treating cancer or is this a credible position?
I rest my case.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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