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article imageOp-Ed: Lawrence Taylor yesterday's football hero sentenced in rape case

By William Charles Baker     Jan 14, 2011 in Sports
New York - Lawrence Taylor received a plea deal that netted him six years probation for charges of patronizing an underage prostitute in May of 2010.
After pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges in addition to probation he must register as a sex offender. In spite of claims by Taylor that he was told the girl was 19 it was discovered that she was underage and 16 at the time. According to the law ignorance of age is not a valid defense.
Tackling guys down field and the adulation of the crowd is all good in the moment. The great New York Giants linebacker that garnered more attention because of his play and skill at the game of football has fallen on hard times and it is difficult not to be sympathetic. Who knows what is allowed or not allowed for certain players? All we have is the media and my trust in their reporting of anything but scores is limited. Of course logic would seem to lead down the path to believe the good hype and the bad as well. I wasn’t in the room with him when his recent arrest occurred were you? So let me relate what we do know about Lawrence Taylor and let a higher power judge him.
He was the greatest defensive football player of all times. Feared on the field for his sills and reckless play and respected for playing while injured without complaint. His private life was the subject of many articles and input provided by him so the specter of drugs and sexual escapades does not come as a surprise. With an entire city on his back because New Yorkers and the New York Giants are a clannish bunch that never fail to draw the attention of the worldwide media. LT, as he was called, could walk on water as well as over the heads of his opponents. Other than those things he was a man a father and a professional athlete that excelled and also has fallen because of the same habits that have taken other fathers sons and men that didn’t play football. But heroes are different right? Heroes set the tone for all other mortals that is why we use them as examples for our children and stay glued to the set to cheer them on right?
Then for those that believe that and visitors that come from other planets let me say that Lawrence Taylor is yesterday’s hero and that is the real tragedy. If, and I don’t know because I wasn’t there, it was an underage girl and a pimp and some things in a bed then there was an underage girl and a pimp and some things going on in a bed. If he wasn’t our hero he wouldn’t make other than the police blotter in a one horse town west of New York City. If he wasn’t our hero the media wouldn’t pay so much attention to an addicted man that may have had football as his only release. But it sells stuff like papers and cablevision news shows and talk radio flapping mouths with a few hours of air time to fill. Soon the wind will die down and the news will swing back to world events and floods and homeland security and border crossings and yesterday’s hero will have served and filled the pockets of too many that never cared about him in the first place.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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